Is the PS5 discounted on Amazon Prime Day?

Amazon Prime Deal Days – Grab it now

Amazon Prime Deal Days are here! On October 10th and 11th you can get lots of bargains again! Look here see if there is the perfect deal for you too!

Unfortunately, the Playstation itself is not reduced today, but some games are! You can save a lot of money here if you wanted to buy the games anyway!

PS5 Bundle inklusive EA Sports FC 24

Now it’s getting sporty – and not just playful! Probably the most popular bundle currently consists of one PS5 disc version, a controller and the brand new football simulation EA Sports FC 24.

By the way: You can get more news about the game here:

Is the PS5 discounted on Amazon Prime Day? Gaming

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PS5: Strong offer for the disc version on Amazon

The day has come! The PS5 in der Disc Version You can now get it on Amazon at an absolute top price – it’s worth snapping up!

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Violent Spider Man package at Amazon and Saturn

Now things are getting really weird! The new “Spider-Man 2” will be released on 20. October 2023 in stores – Sony has one to celebrate Limited Spider Man 2 Edition der PS5 Disc Version released! Looks pretty crazy!

Further information about the game can be found here:

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“Final Fantasy” bundle at OTTO and MediaMarkt

Brand new and celebrated by many gamers: the long-awaited sequel the “Final Fantasy” series. Of course, Sony is also offering one for this occasion PlayStation-Bundle inklusive “Final Fantasy XVI” at. This is your chance to immerse yourself in the Sony gaming world through role-playing!

These bundles are now available on Amazon

Currently you can PS5 Digital Edition bundled with “God of War” Buy – get it now on Amazon!

The game console is currently out of stock on Amazon – but supplies should follow as soon as possible!

The dealer also offers you this PS5 in the Digital Edition with the game “God of War Ragnarök” an.

Are you more of a Call of Duty fan? Even then you will find what you are looking for on Amazon. With the PS5 bundle “Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II” you will definitely enjoy it.

PS5: Buy the console alone

Getting hold of a PS5 from well-known retailers such as Amazon, OTTO, Saturn, Media Markt & Co. has now become easier and the console is in stock almost everywhere.

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Whether alone or as a couple: you can never have enough controllers. Therefore, you should also take a look at this bundle. In the With the console you get a second DualSense wireless controller at a preferential price.

Best chances at OTTO: You can find your dream bundle here

When buying a PS5, you should always have one Keep an eye on the OTTO online shop have. The provider likes to put together a bundle with current titles and offers the PS5 at a preferential price.

Currently listed in the shop are:

Bundles: The best chances of getting a PS5

In the past few weeks, the theory has been confirmed again and again: PS5 drops are currently mainly available together with game and accessory bundles! In the last few weeks there were at Saturn and Media Market PS5 bundles with the popular games “Horizon Forbidden West”, “Gran Turismo 7” and “Uncharted”.

And Amazon also gave one Sony PlayStation 5 mit Horizon Forbidden West out. Experience has shown that the bundles are always sold out very quickly. So what’s the availability like this month? Today the other online retailers like this OTTO, Euronics and Co. after? It’s best to always keep an eye on them all!

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Your alternatives:

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