Israel exclusively blamed for Hamas attacks by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran

NE Bylines recently published a series of articles about life in Saudi Arabia. It was a sobering read as various events and incidents were documented regarding what happened in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia since the Saudi Public Investment Fund took over Newcastle United on the 7th of this month.the’ October 2021.

It can reasonably be argued that there must be a significant response to these stories from Newcastle’s elected representatives and media sources in the city and region.

Taking on Manchester City and Newcastle United

In June, a Versquare report titled “Easy Cities to Get Busy” claimed that there had been little or no analysis by local media in Manchester or Newcastle about the truth behind the Gulf states’ takeover of Manchester City and Newcastle United, and that there had been “no But the silence has been muted by elected representatives in both cities, despite numerous allegations of serious human rights violations by regimes in the UAE and Saudi Arabia.

A breakthrough in the positions of local elected officials

It was interesting to see him on the 31ststreet In August, the Chronicle published a story that appeared to represent a breakthrough in the attitudes of local elected officials. The Chronicle reported that MP Chi Onuera, MP for Newcastle Central, said the city “must not forget” Saudi Arabia’s “appalling” human rights record, after calls from a group of football fans to cancel two international matches in St. James Park.

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The report went on to say that “Che Onvera pledged that she would “raise human rights violations committed by the Saudi regime by all means available to me,” ahead of a prominent activist’s visit to Newcastle next week. Lina Al Hathloul is scheduled to speak on the North Stage at a forum organized by NUFC Fans Against Sportswashing, an organization formed after a Saudi-backed consortium took over the club.

It is worth noting that the same report also noted that while Newcastle City Council told the Local Democracy Reporting Service that it had “no powers to interfere” in the Games, it had “significant concerns about the human rights record in Saudi Arabia.” From Tyne, Jimmy Driscoll has already been on record since he was 24 years oldthe’ July when I spoke to Helen Feid, the northern England editor of The Guardian, who described the Saudi regime as “a murderous regime that starts illegal wars.”

This appears to be the beginning of elected representatives in and around Newcastle to respond in a meaningful way to the situation regarding Saudi Arabia’s human rights record and the regime’s control, through the Public Investment Fund, of one of the largest financial institutions. Cultural institutions in the city. It is also a reminder of what the traditional reaction of people in Newcastle and the region generally to human rights was, going back at least to the significant resistance in and around the city to the transatlantic slave trade in the late 19th century. 19th century.the’ And the beginning 19the’ Hundreds of years.

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Newcastle and the wider North East region supports human rights

Indeed, we can be very proud of our record in Newcastle and the wider North East region in supporting the human rights of people often living thousands of miles away. There was strong support for both the anti-slave trade and anti-slavery movements of the late nineteenth centurythe’ And the beginning 19the’ Hundreds of years. Political Leadership in Newcastle by Joseph Quinn Jr., in the Second Half of the Nineteenth Centurythe’ It helped to see strong support for Garibaldi during his struggle for Italian independence and for refugees from countries such as Hungary after failed uprisings.

At twentythe’ In the 20th century, men from Newcastle and the north-east went to Spain to help fight fascism, while refugee Basque children headed the other way. Recently, Newcastle prides itself on becoming a city of refuge, a place where many refugees feel welcome, while a large community of Roma from Eastern Europe has been established in the city, with only a fraction of the problems elsewhere, while the Voice Newcastle residents to choose the country’s first Roma councillor.

We have a wonderful tradition in and around Newcastle of remembering the suffering of others in far-flung places and responding to it in practical and useful ways. It would be good to see our political leaders and other members of the city’s civil society maintaining strong traditions of empathy and compassion.


This brings us back to the same old questions. What do we say and what do we do in response to the Saudi regimes’ human rights record? What can we say and do in this area that will positively impact human rights in Saudi Arabia? How can we turn the situation into a positive one that will witness a real improvement in the human rights record in Saudi Arabia?

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How did William Turner and other Newcastle anti-slave trade and anti-slavery activists react to the Saudi takeover of Newcastle United? What would Joseph Cowen say and do? What will others in our proud history who have worked for tolerance, solidarity and justice make of the takeover?

It would be great to see and hear our elected representatives in and around Newcastle and other prominent members of civil society really taking up the issue of human rights in Saudi Arabia, given the Saudi Public Investment Fund’s ownership of Newcastle United.

It would certainly be interesting to hear more from elected representatives in and around Newcastle about how they think we should respond to the evidence, on top of what was reported in the Chronicle on 31 November.street August. This will greatly help in promoting the discussion.


Israel exclusively blamed for Hamas attacks by Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Iran