Izmir Career Fair Promotes Employment Opportunities for Youth

Izmir Career Fair Supports Youth Employment
Izmir Career Fair Supports Youth Employment

The Career Fair, organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality to increase youth employment in the city, was opened. At the fair, which attracted great attention, the career site prepared to bring employers and the workforce together was also introduced and put into service. Mayor Soyer, who attended the opening with a video message, said, “This bridge of hope we have established is shared by universities, civil servants and universities.” “We will build it together with community organizations and employers,” he said.

Efforts to increase youth employment in Izmir continue. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality recently opened the “Career Fair Izmir’100” on the 23th anniversary of the Republic. Deputy Mayor of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, Mustafa Özuslu, attended the opening ceremony of the fair held at the Historical Gas Factory Youth Campus. , Yaşar University Rector Prof. Dr. Levent Kandiller, Izmir Concept Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Derman Küçükaltan, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Secretary General Ertuğrul Tugay, municipal bureaucrats, representatives of non-governmental organizations, private sector companies and professional organizations attended the opening ceremony. The opening ceremony was also attended by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality’s career site Kariyerimiz.com, which will bring together employers and workforce to increase employment in the city. .tr is also available. Young people showed great interest in the fair.

Prosperity and justice will flourish and never fade.

Mayor Soyer, who went to the earthquake zone to examine the work carried out by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, could not attend the fair, but addressed the young people with the video message he prepared at the opening. In his message, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor stated that he wanted to be with the young people on this special day, but that he went to the region to check the work done in the earthquake zone. Tunç Soyer, “With this meeting where we embrace the dreams of young people, we cannot do anything with you on the 100th anniversary of the Republic. In addition to the trainings at the Vocational Factory, we are taking another step with the career fair. Young people are both today’s partners and one of the most important forces of social development. With this awareness, we take responsibility We are continuing. We have organized this fair for the first time as a municipality. We are organizing a fair where job seekers, employers and university career centers come together in order to reduce youth unemployment, to enable young people to meet companies where they can work in the future, and to increase the career skills of young people. We aim to provide positive benefits to the career lives of young university students and graduates. We have also established a system that will support the employment problem, which is the bleeding wound of our country. Young people are now http://www.kariyerimiz.com.tr “We will be able to easily meet business people through it. Business people will also be able to reach young people easily. We will build this bridge of hope together with the university, non-governmental organizations and employers. Prosperity and justice will flourish never to fade. Izmir is beautiful with you,” he said.

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Local governments cannot solve the employment problem in Turkey

Speaking at the opening, Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Deputy Mayor Mustafa Özuslu said, “Our Mayor Tunç Soyer, attaches great importance to young people, but we need to know why it gives importance to it. Our President knows very well that youth means the future. If there is no youth, there is no future. All these fairs, supports for young people, food aid, scholarships, dormitories, whatever can be done as a local government. We are trying to do as much as we can. You are important to us, very valuable. We need to give jobs to young people. The state must provide full employment to everyone. We dream of a Turkey where everyone can live at the same standard without thinking about the future. We long for such a country. Local governments cannot solve the employment problem in Turkey. “For this reason, this country must work together to solve this problem,” he said.

Career interview in the academy

Following the opening, a conversation titled “Career in Academia” was held, moderated by Gürhan Özsamancı, an employee of the Social Projects Department, Youth Studies and Social Projects Branch Directorate. Yaşar University Rector Prof. Dr. Levent Kandiller, Izmir Concept Vocational School Director Prof. Dr. Derman Küçükaltan participated as a speaker.

There is a conversation at the fair

The “Career Fair Izmir’6” fair, organized by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Social Projects Department at the Alsancak Historical Coal Gas Factory Youth Campus on 8-23 October, brought together the business environment and young people who will step into business life. With the slogan “Let Your Dreams Turn into Careers”, Izmir’ 18 participants took part in the fair, which appealed to the young group of university students and graduates between the ages of 35-170 living in Istanbul. Those who want to visit the fair can visit it free of charge between 10.00 – 18.00. In addition, the fair will cover topics ranging from CV preparation techniques to preparing for interviews, from digital brand identity to artificial intelligence in health. Many interviews will meet with young people until October 8. Details of the interview programs can be found at: http://www.gencizmir.com can be accessed from the website.

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Opportunity to meet with qualified workforce

There will be 170 participating companies at the fair; University Career Centers, İzmir High Technology Institute, İzmir Bakırçay University, Yaşar University Health Sciences University, Turkish Aeronautical Association University, İzmir Concept Vocational School, İzmir Tınaztepe University, İzmir Democracy University, professional chambers, Technopark-Technology Transfer Offices, non-governmental organizations and representatives, companies, institutions and organizations are stakeholders.

The name of your career journey in Izmir is “kariyerimiz.com.tr”

The website “www.kariyerimiz.com.tr” was opened in line with the regional analysis, sectoral research and demands of the labor market made by the Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Vocational Factory Employment Development and Support Unit, which has brought the employer and the workforce together since 2017. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Information The site was implemented in cooperation with the Operations Department; It will enable the business world and job seekers to come together more efficiently and effectively.

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