Late October Launch for “Super Converter BR”: Now Play with “Pro Controller” and “DualSense” on NINTENDO64

Columbus Circle is a controller conversion adapter for NINTENDO64“Super Converter BR”ofLate October 2023It was announced that it would be released on. The price is open, and the reference price is 5,830 yen (tax included).

Late October Launch for “Super Converter BR”: Now Play with “Pro Controller” and “DualSense” on NINTENDO64

“Super Converter BR” can be connected to NINTENDO64 to convert“Pro Controller”“DUALSHOCK 4” for PlayStation 4, “DUALSHOCK 4” for PlayStation 5「DualSense」This product enables the use of wireless controllers such as
The NINTEND64, released in 1996, was Nintendo’s first product that supported full-fledged 3D games, making full use of 3D graphics.“Super Mario 64”or,“Nintendo All Stars! Super Smash Bros.” “Pilot Wings 64”titles were released. Production ended in 2003, with cumulative sales of 32.93 million units worldwide.

With this “Super Converter BR”, you can play games from that time in the wireless environment that is now commonplace. It should also be a replacement for your broken NINTEND64 controller.
Controller buttons can be assigned via PC or smartphone“Change button layout”Functions and saving save data on PC“Virtual Controller Pack”There are also functions available.
NINTENDO64 users should also check out the release statement below.

A super converter that can be used with the “N64 main body” is finally here!
Now’s the time to enjoy N64 games using various wireless controllers!

(For N64) Super converter BR

《Package photo》

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《Connection image》

Late October Launch for “Super Converter BR”: Now Play with “Pro Controller” and “DualSense” on NINTENDO64

《Usage image》

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“product Overview”

[“N64” is now available in the definitive “Super Converter” series of controller conversion adapters! ]

This product “Super Converter BR (for N64)” is compatible with various wireless controllers such as “PRO Controller for Switch”, “PRO Controller for Wii U”, “Controller for PS5 (DualSense)”, and “Controller for PS4 (DUALSHOCK4)”. This is a “controller conversion adapter” product that can be used with the compatible “N64 main unit”.
It will be possible to use various controllers equipped with the “wireless” function that has become commonplace in the modern controller environment with the N64 console, so the N64 games that you enjoyed back then will be more comfortable and have a fresh feel. You will be able to enjoy it. Please use this product conveniently as a substitute in case you lose or break the controller you had at the time, and you can enjoy the game by making effective use of the controller you already have.
In addition, this product has a “button layout change” function that allows you to assign controller buttons to your preference via PC or smartphone, and a “controller pack” function that allows you to save save data. It is also equipped with a “Pack” function

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Enjoy all the nostalgic N64 games with this product!

When using the button layout change function and virtual memory pack function, a PC or smartphone with Bluetooth function (Android only) and a Chrome browser are required. Please be forewarned.[Note]This product is not guaranteed to work with controllers other than “PRO Controller for Switch”, “PRO Controller for Wii U”, “Controller for PS5 (DualSense)”, “Controller for PS4 (DUALSHOCK4)” .
【Product name】
[For N64]Super converter BR
(Supports various wireless controllers for Switch/WiiU/PS5/PS4)
(JAN)4582286324538(Model number) CC-64SCB-BR
【release date】Scheduled to be released in late October 2023

【Suggested retail price】

Open price Reference retail price: 5,300 yen (tax excluded) 5,830 yen (tax included)
*This product is TELEC certified.
*This product is an original product of Columbus Circle and is not a licensed product of any other company.

*The names and product names listed are trademarks or registered trademarks of each company.

*The screen is currently under development. The specifications, shape, color, and packaging of this product are subject to change without notice for improvement.Package size: Height approx. 148mm x Width approx. 102mm x Thickness approx. 28mm/Weight (package included): Approx. 62g