Latest information on quests, rewards, and the replay feature

Atlus has released numerous new details about Persona 5 Tactics. We go into more detail about the entertaining quests, rewards, replay features, “New Game Plus” mode and more.

As part of the main story you will gradually unlock quests. These include levels with unique mechanics and challenges and are accompanied by a story. When completed, there are quests WP that you can invest in the characters’ skill tree. Atlus promises a “colorful variety” of unique levels. If you complete the missions, you can unlock powerful skills and personas. In the picture you can see Joker’s scythes of eternal darkness, which cause severe damage and despair.

The “replay feature” aims to, you guessed it, allow you to replay levels you have passed. There are new objectives and three bonus challenges to further strengthen your characters. And if you can’t get enough after playing through the game, there’s “New Game Plus”.

The Persona Compendium, unlocked fusions, money, weapons and more will be transferred to the new save game and you can try to complete the Persona Compendium. Of course, there are great rewards for this. You can unlock special illustrations, concept artwork, character designs, and more in the Report menu.

Persona 5 Tactica will be released worldwide on November 17, 2023 for PlayStation, Xbox, Switch and PCs. There will be a retail version for Xbox, PS5 and Switch, which you can already pre-order from Amazon *. The game also appears on Xbox Game Pass. By the way, we have already played the promising title.