Latest Update on the Development of Unit 4 at Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant

The core holder, produced for use in the 4th unit of Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS), was placed in its designed position. The construction of the reactor shaft will also accelerate with the installation of the core catcher, which is an important stage of the construction work on the 4th power unit of the power plant.

The ember catcher, which is a cone-shaped tank made of steel, has a body height of 6,14 meters, a diameter of 5,83 meters and a weight of 144 tons. The core catcher, which reliably holds the molten core fragments in an emergency, prevents these fragments from leaking through the closed shell of the reactor building. During the operation of the power plant, the core holder, filled with a specially prepared filling material, ensures that some of the melt of the active part resulting from the interaction with this material is lost. The chemical processes resulting from this interaction create the conditions necessary for the trapping and cooling of the melt. The core holder also has the feature of being an equipment with maximum safety features such as increasing seismic resistance, hydrodynamics and impact resistance.

Akkuyu Nuclear Inc. First Deputy General Manager – NPP Construction Affairs Director Sergei Butckikh said the following on the subject: “Akkuyu NPP, a joint project of Russia and Turkey, is growing, developing and changing every day before our eyes. We are the world’s largest nuclear construction site, where four power units are built simultaneously using the latest technologies. The core arrester is a unique technological development that ensures the safety of the environment and people in any scenario when operating a nuclear power plant. The installation was carried out by coordinated team work of Turkish and Russian experts. I would like to point out that a thorough check was carried out before the installation of the core holder. At the manufacturing facility, Akkuyu Nükleer A.Ş. Quality control was carried out with the participation of representatives. “When it arrived at the Akkuyu NPP site, an access control procedure was implemented where the integrity and reliability of the equipment was confirmed.”


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