Leak shows interesting new details about gameplay and graphics Latest

Leak shows interesting new details about gameplay and graphics

According to a leak, it should be possible to switch back and forth between the two GTA 6 main characters Jason and Lucia without delay.Image: X

Leaks about GTA 6 keep appearing online. There are currently two short clips that have gamers around the world excited and looking forward to it. It is still unclear when the long-awaited game will appear – it is expected to be October 2024 at the earliest.

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Almost exactly ten years ago – on September 17, 2013 – GTA 5 was released and triggered an unprecedented video game hype: on the first day of sales alone, copies were sold for over 800 million US dollars. After Minecraft, GTA 5 is currently the second best-selling game in history.

Publisher Rockstar earned six billion US dollars with GTA 5. This is by far the highest revenue ever generated by an audiovisual product.

So it’s no wonder that the anticipation in the gamer community was huge when Rockstar announced in February 2022 that it was working on a successor to GTA 5: GTA 6. It wouldn’t be presumptuous to say that it was the most anticipated video game of the coming years.

Developers usually keep a low profile when it comes to their products – the uncertainty ultimately feeds the audience’s interest and impatience.

GTA 6 leaks

More finely worked out graphical details such as light reflections in the rain should be part of GTA 6.Image: X

But the ranks at Rockstar don’t seem to be completely closed. Over the past few months, information and sometimes even video sequences from the raw versions of the game have repeatedly appeared online. Two short clips have been circulating again since this weekend, among other things pcgames.de reported – these things are shown:

  • It was already known in an earlier leak that Jason and Lucia should be the main characters of GTA 6. The two are said to be siblings, possibly even twins. One of the new clips delivers a first closer look at the faces of the two protagonists.
  • The scene also shows how to switch from one controllable character in the game world to the next without delay – that would be a novelty compared to GTA 5.
  • The scene with Lucia and Jason also reveals one Insight into the outside world of GTA 6 and the graphical representation this. For example, the more realistically depicted rain and corresponding light reflections are noticeable. According to pcgames.de, the graphics are probably still in an alpha version, an early version during game development. Nevertheless, new, finer details can already be seen.
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  • In the second clip you can see how character Jason is out and about in the outside world. He demonstrates how he picks up a weapon from the ground. This means that grabbing or changing objects in GTA 6 could be graphically displayed in detail. This movement has been skipped so far.
Gripping objects seems to be revolutionized.

Gripping objects seems to be revolutionized.

Despite the recent leaks, Rockstar has so far kept to itself when GTA 6 will actually appear. In an earlier published audio recording of a meeting by developer company Take Two, October 2024 was mentioned as the target publication date.

The leaks are causing one thing above all: even more impatience among fans of the video game series. (ed.)

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