Leaked Online: Nintendo Switch 2 Release Date and Price Revealed by TechnoSports Media Group

According to a reputable leaker, the upcoming Nintendo console, tentatively called the Nintendo Switch 2, will come in two variants and be substantially more expensive than its predecessor. The insider further asserted that the console will launch much later than some earlier Nintendo Switch 2 release window reports indicated.

SoldierDelta, a participant in The Snitch’s Discord server and a known insider with years’ worth of reliable leaks to their credit, is the source of the most recent rumor. In comparison, SoldierDelta’s track record only consists of one item: a leak from early July 2023 that disclosed gameplay information about Team Ninja’s Rise of the Ronin PS5 exclusive and supported it with a few pictures that appeared to be taken from the game. Although The Snitch’s credibility is so far from unshakeable, the fact that they attested to the accuracy of their first leak implies they may have once had some kind of business understanding.

On October 6, SoldierDelta claimed once more on Discord that the Nintendo Switch 2 would include a digital-only option that would cost $400, while the conventional edition of the system would allegedly cost $50 extra.

For reference, the Switch originally cost $300. Although the leaker stated that the pricing was subject to change, they ostensibly maintained on two separate occasions that the dual-model lineup was set in stone. Nintendo intends to introduce the Nintendo Switch 2 on September 24, 2024, according to SoldierDelta as well. The same report claims that the video game giant even planned a backup release date of November 3 in case something goes wrong.

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The latest rumor that the Nintendo Switch 2 will have AR features but no OLED display was also confirmed by the leaker. Even the “NG” codename was stated, but it was later made clear that Nintendo was not using it internally and that the codename was solely given to developers. For comparison, the Switch was originally known solely by the codename NX, and Nintendo didn’t officially reveal it until October 2016, or about five months before it hit the market.

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