Leaked PS Plus Premium information suggests the much-anticipated PS1 classic is still on its way

The new PS Plus Extra and Premium games for October 2023 have been revealed, finally confirming that SoulCalibur Broken Destiny will be joining the subscription scheme after the PSP game’s potential inclusion leaked over a year ago. Now, looking back at that PS Plus Premium Dino Crisis leak, it feels pretty evident that Capcom’s PS1 classic might also join Sony’s subscription scheme soon — ideally as one of the PS1 games with trophies.

Dino Crisis may join PS Plus and PS Store soon

Back in July 2022, SoulCalibur and Dino Crisis were leaked together by Sony on the PlayStation Blog as new additions for the then-new PS Plus Premium. Sony was quick to retract mention of the two titles, along with an earlier leak for Ridge Racer 2but the fact that Sony itself had made the leak suggested that all three of the titles were destined for PS Plus.
Ridge Racer 2 was eventually added to the service in December 2022, but for over a year there has been no mention of either PSP title SoulCalibur Broken Destiny or PS1 classic Dino Crisis by Sony. However, with the addition of Broken Destiny as part of the new PS Plus Premium games for October 2023, it seems pretty clear that Dino Crisis will now almost certainly join the PS Plus Premium Classics Catalog — eventually.

Should it finally be announced for PS Plus Premium, Dino Crisis would then almost certainly be made available to purchase and download on PS5 and PS4 via the PS Store, much like Capcom’s Resident Evil Director’s Edition. Sadly, if that PS Plus Premium Resident Evil game is any indication, it seems unlikely that Capcom will update Dino Crisis with trophy support if it does get confirmed, so best not to expect a platinum for this retro adventure.

Leaked PS Plus Premium information suggests the much-anticipated PS1 classic is still on its waySoulCalibur’s Kratos and a T-Rex, together at last.

It’ll be a shame if we can’t put Dino Crisis on the list of PSP games and PS1 games with trophy support, but frankly, I think most of us would be happy just getting to play this one on modern consoles someday. Are you hoping Dino Crisis will get added to PS Plus Premium and the PS Store soon? Let us know down in the comments.

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