Leaked Release Date of PS5 Slim and Spider-Man 2 Bundle Unveiled


While not officially announced by Sony yet, Billbil-kun does have a good track record with leaks. And given that Sony is aiming to launch this new PlayStation 5 model for the holidays, an early November release makes sense.

Announced by Sony earlier this month, the new PS5 model is said to “address the evolving needs of players.” The key highlight is a smaller form factor that reduces the volume of the console by more than 30%, and weight by 18% and 24% compared to previous models.

The new PS5 model will still be offered in two versions.

The first will come with the Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive for $499.99. Because of the small form factor, the Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive is attachable.

The other option is the PS5 Digital Edition for $449.99. If you do purchase the PS5 Digital Edition, you’ll have the ability to purchase a Ultra HD Blu-Ray Disc Drive separately for $79.99.

To note, the original PS5 Digital Edition launched at a price point of $399.99, so it looks like Sony is charging $50 more for this new slimmer PS5 Digital Edition. This also means that the PS5 with a disc drive is only $50 more than the Digital Edition, making it not so much of a difference now.

Both consoles come with a 1TB SSD for internal storage. This is up from the 825GB in the original versions of the console.

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While Sony made no mention of this during the original reveal, Billbil-kun also mentioned a PS5 Slim standard edition that will come bundled with Insomniac’s recently released Spider-Man 2 game. The bundle will be priced at $559.99, the same price as the current edition PS5 with Spider-Man 2, and will also launch in the United States on November 8.