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GTA 6 will not only cost Rockstar Games a lot of money, but also supposedly buyers. But insiders dispel this rumor.

Update from September 14th, 2023, 12:30 p.m.: The rumor about an extremely high price for GTA 6 has now been refuted by several insiders. The download size of 750 GB, which was thrown around, is also not confirmed by any source. The Twitter user Gaming Detective writes: “GTA 6 won’t cost $150 or be 750GB. It will of course cost around $70 and have a normal size of 100 to 150 GB. Where do all these rumors come from? They’re so unrealistic.”

That’s good news, because a whopping $150 price tag was off-putting to many potential buyers. While the game is sure to set some new benchmarks in the industry, we don’t have to worry about Rockstar charging us twice as much as a traditional Triple-A price. Instead we will probably have to pay around 70 euros for the game. Of course, this cannot yet be said conclusively. Rockstar Games has not yet provided any pricing information for GTA 6.

Name of the game Grand Theft Auto VI
Release (date of initial publication) TBA
Publisher Rockstar Games
Serie Grand Theft Auto
Platforms PS5, Xbox Series X/S, PC (unconfirmed)
developer Rockstar North
Genre Open-World, Action-Adventure

Original message from September 6th, 2023: Hamburg – Video games are not exactly a cheap hobby. Purchasing a console or PC alone costs hundreds to thousands of euros. Anyone who wants to play a new game when it is released is currently paying more than ever. The 80 euros for new games on PS5 or Xbox Series X may not be the end of the line. With GTA 6, Rockstar Games wants to go one better on its previous games and that also seems to affect the price for release.

GTA 6: 2 billion development costs – release could also cost fans dearly

It’s not just the development that will be expensive: GTA 6 hasn’t even been officially announced yet, but many are still expecting a superlative game. Rockstar Games has been working on the heir to the throne of the GTA series since 2015, and the leaks of the last few years point to what is probably the studio’s biggest game to date.

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But such a project does not come without a price. The development of GTA 6 alone is said to cost a horrendous sum of over 2 billion dollars. For comparison, the development of GTA 5 cost “only” $250 million. And the frightening numbers don’t stop there; according to rumors, Rockstar Games also wants to ask fans to pay.

Leaks shock – Insider reports with an update
GTA 6: Not for low earners – it will cost you so much money © Rockstar Games / Pixabay (montage)

This is how much fans should pay for GTA 6: The Twitter account and YouTuber Niche Gamer recently noticed a detail from the GTA 6 leaks from 2022, where the information about development costs also comes from. If you think 80 euros is a hefty price for a game, you’d better sit down and get the smelling salts ready. According to information from Niche Gamer, GTA 6 will cost a whopping 150 euros when released – almost twice as much as the standard version of other games.

GTA 6: 150 euros for a game – Rockstar could charge crazy release prices

You could also spend the money differently: A price of over 100 euros for a single game has probably not been seen for years. Back in the days of Super Nintendo and PlayStation 1, it wasn’t at all unusual to pay 100 mosquitoes for a game. At that time, however, calculations were still made in German marks, which were only about half the value of the euro. After the introduction of the euro, prices for a game were around 50 euros. 50 ultimately became 80 euros and GTA 6 is expected to almost double the price again. In order to justify such a price, Rockstar should forego a few features from its predecessor in GTA 6.

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What an incredible amount of money that would be for a single video game becomes clear if you take a look at what else you can buy for the price of 150 euros. A small selection:

You could get that for the price of GTA 6 too

2 current PS5 games at full price

3 current PC games at full price

At least 6 different indie games (€20-25 per game)

25 kebabs in Hamburg (highest average price in Germany)

2-3 Paare Vans Authentic Sneaker

At least 2 tickets for a home game of SV Werder Bremen (depending on the seat)

100 cans of Gönrgy (minus deposit)

It’s clear that in order for such a hefty price to be justified, Rockstar would have to deliver a lot for GTA 6. We’re thinking of something like a gold-covered game case or an enclosed black truffle. All joking aside, if Rockstar really wants so much money for GTA 6, that should also explain why Take-Two is expecting record profits for the 2025 financial year. Assuming, of course, that GTA 6 actually appears in time.