Lizard in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 meticulously designed based on real lizard observations by Insomniac Games

Discover how the Insomniac games development team was inspired by nature to create the most realistic Lizard

One more lizard bestialless human and with a hint of real science behind it. Yes, we’re talking about how Insomniac Games has brought real biology to virtuality in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

This villain that has fascinated us so much since the pages of the comic, now has a unique touch that, on the one hand, respects his origins and, on the other, makes him more terrifying than ever. We are not talking about digital makeup, but about a complete immersion in nature to define every scale, every look and every movement of this Spider-Man enemy.

El Lagarto, Insomniac Games, Jacinda Chew, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, PS5

The Lizard in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Come on, have you ever looked at a lizard and thought, “Hey, he’d make an epic villain”? Well, Jacinda Chew, senior art director at Insomniac Games, If he did. The team researched real lizards to come up with a design that was true to life but still reminiscent of his comic book alter ego, Curt Connors.

“We study the skin of lizards a lot. Its skin is quite dry in reality, but people expect our Lizard to be more slimy. Even though he has that lizard skin, it’s actually brighter than what you would see on a real lizard,” Chew said.

And what about those eyes that seem to react to light? That also has a scientific basis. “We made those eyes that react to light in real time on the PS5, based on how animal eyes behave in nature”Chew added.

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Science meets fantasy

Ah, but not everything is science. Insomniac has also been reviewing the original marvel comics to give The Lizard his characteristic mix of horror and humanity. They gave him beaks, animal-like eyes, and a less friendly appearance so that he doesn’t look like a simple lizard with superpowers.

“We always turn to the comics first,” Chew said. “And then, together with Marvel, we brought our personal touch. It can come from the gameplay or the narrative of the game.”

El Lagarto, Insomniac Games, Jacinda Chew, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, PS5

El Lagarto 2.0: Bigger, Meaner, Greener

Here’s the twist: this Lizard is unlike any other you’ve seen in the comics or movies. It’s more bigger, badder and greener, in every sense. He has shed any clothing and lost all humanity, which means no philosophical conversations with Peter Parker this time.

“It’s a big difference… We know people want to see the Lizard in his lab coat, and then they want to see him get big. We had fun leaving clues for the players,” Chew revealed.

A villain with scales, but with a soul?

If we look back, The alligator It is not new in the world of entertainment. Since his first appearance in the Spider-Man comics in 1963, this villain has captured the imagination of fans with his transformation from Curt Connors, a doctor seeking to regenerate his lost arm, into a reptilian beast. But the most intriguing thing about the character has always been his duality: the internal struggle between her humanity and his animalistic instincts.

When comparing this new interpretation with its previous incarnations in films and series, we notice how Insomniac Games has ventured a little further. Here the focus is on the bestial, rather than on duality. While in previous films and series we have seen the Lizard as a character who still retains some human traits, in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, it seems that the villain has crossed a point of no return. This design choice could offer a much more intense and exciting gaming experience, allowing us to face a wilder and less predictable Lizard than ever.

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El Lagarto, Insomniac Games, Jacinda Chew, Marvel's Spider-Man 2, PS5

And what about the game?

For concerned fans: yes, you will have your nostalgic moments with The Lizard in his classic lab coat during certain scenes of the game. But also prepare for a more menacing version that seeks to take advantage of his animal nature to be a more formidable villain.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will be available on PS5 on October 20, 2023. Let the countdown begin!