Lords of the Fallen: Steam sees a whopping 436% increase in concurrent active users compared to the original

Lords of the Fallen has recently been published on PC, PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, but it is not the first game in the saga. It is in fact a reboot that arrives nine years after the original. Can the development team be satisfied with this new beginning? We don’t yet have official data on sales, but we can use the number of concurrent players on Steam as a point of comparison: from these, it seems that the new chapter emerges victorious.

The 2014 game had reached a peak of 8,024 players on Steam, while Lords of the Fallen (2023) has already reached 43.075. Furthermore, given that there are still no accesses on Saturday evenings and Sunday evenings, it is possible that the figure will change and reach a new peak. At the time of writing, for example, we see over 38,075 players online via SteamDB.

Let’s talk about one growth of 436% from the original to the newly released Lords of the Fallen. We also note that Lies of P, another recently released soulslike, achieved a peak of 19,618, just over half that of Lords of the Fallen.

The probable reasons for the success of Lords of the Fallen

Lords of the Fallen offers various areas to explore
Lords of the Fallen offers various areas to explore

The question now is: How is it possible that the new Lords of the Fallen has reached a much higher peak of players than the original chapter? There can be many reasons. First of all, we must consider that Steam has grown over the years and, although in 2014, it was already a large platform, nine years later it is even bigger.

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Furthermore, this is probably the most important factor of all, in these nine years soulslike’s fame has grown and more and more players have approached the genre. Elden Ring has probably further helped attract new audiences who, now, are perhaps testing themselves with other games of the genre.

Obviously, then, it must be considered that the Steam data are not the total ones. Data from the console versions is also missing, but is not publicly available.

Finally, we leave you with our review of Lords of the Fallen.