Lords of the Fallen Unveils Game Duration and Fascinating Stats

Developer Hexworks and publisher CI Games have shared how long it will take you to beat Lords of the Fallen when it launches for PC, PlayStation 5 (PS5), and Xbox Series X | S later this week. The game’s length, along with a bevy of other interesting details about its development, was shared in a post created by the game’s official X account.

If you were concerned that it won’t take too long to beat Lords of the Fallenthen Hexworks and CI have good news. According to the developers’ internal estimates, it will take players around 40+ hours to complete the game. No further details on this number were shared, but judging by the “+” there, we can guess that completionists will be spending even more time in the land of Mournstead. However, it’s worth mentioning that the original post sharing this information has been deleted, with a reuploaded version deleting the segment containing the game’s length. Thankfully, X user Gothicpolar captured and shared a screenshot of the original post.

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According to the other stats shared in the post, it looks like Lords of the Fallen is doing a lot to justify its solid length. The game, created over four years by more than 400 developers, features 194 weapons and shields, 76 spells and catalysts, and 339 armor pieces. There are also 13 player classes to experiment with, four of them being secret classes. Lords of the Fallen also features an enormous 30 bosses to fight and three unique endings to experience.

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If you couldn’t tell, Hexworks and CI are pretty proud of the amount of content Lords of the Fallen will have when it launches for PC, PS5, and Xbox on October 13, 2023. Stay tuned for any additional updates.

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