Mastering the Parry Technique in Spiderman 2

While performing a dodge is quite easy in Spiderman 2, there’s another useful combat maneuver. But how do you parry in Spiderman 2?

Just like perfect dodges, you can also perform a perfect parry. Timing these maneuvers right will help you beat swathes of enemies.

Spider-Man 2: How to perform a parry

Performing the parry move is a lot easier than you may realize. In Spiderman 2, how you can parry is by pushing the ‘L1’ button when the warning indicator flashes. When Spider-Man is in combat, his spidey senses will let him know when he’s about to be hit. This is indicated by a white circle appearing.

How To Parry Spiderman 2 Block
Screenshot: PC Invasion

If you press the ‘L1’ button as this indicator pops up, Spider-Man will parry the attack. This has him pushing back against the attacker, while dodging has Spider-Man swerve out of the way from an attack. They both serve similar purposes, but sometimes parrying is better.

You’ll eventually come across heavy attacks that cannot be dodged. In these instances, you can only parry. Once you notice the attackers show a yellow indicator turning redthat signifies a heavy attack. Parry it to block, because dodging won’t work.

If you decide to hold the ‘L1’ buttonSpider-Man will perform a blocking move. This helps to reduce oncoming damage. Hold for block, and tap at the right moment to parry.

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Spider-Man 2: How to perform a perfect parry

How To Parry Spiderman 2 Perfect
Screenshot: PC Invasion

Now that you know how to parry, there’s also the perfect parry. You can perform a perfect parry by pressing the ‘L1’ button when the warning indicator changes to red. It’ll be white for about a second, and at the last few milliseconds, it’ll turn red.

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This is your chance to hit the parry button and stagger the enemy even more. Perfect parries work for both normal and heavy attacks.

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