Meet the GTA Online skydive stunt master who’s spent over 10,000 hours perfecting aerial tricks – their latest anniversary montage will blow you away Latest

It’s in her name, but Ash Skyqueen really is royalty in the skies of Los Santos. With well over 10,000 hours logged in GTA Online across Xbox and PC over the last decade, Ash has dedicated the majority of that time performing jaw-dropping, mind-bending, gravity-defying stunts among the clouds, before then building stunning montage collections that showcase her phenomenal skills.

I’ve followed Ash’s work for several years, and have spoken to her on multiple occasions – not least about her one-time plans to replicate her most death-defying stunt in the GTA Trilogy – and yet, no matter how many times I see her spectacular stunts in motion, I’m always, alwaysblown away. From the Port of Los Santos to the Paleto Bay peninsula and everything in between, Ash’s forte is scouring a game world otherwise rooted in virtual crime and digital hedonism, and turning it into a platform to stage her adrenaline-fueled performances.