Moria Adventure on PS5 Delayed: Anticipated Reunion with Gimli

There’s good news and bad news from Middle-earth: The release date of The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria will partially shift. In the meantime, we can look forward to the Return of Gimli actor John Rhys-Davies is pleased.

The game, which is based on Tolkien’s material, was originally scheduled to be released both for PC and in digital version for PlayStation 5 on Celebrate its release on October 24th. A retail version for the console is available for the December 5, 2023 planned.

When will the digital version be released for PS5?

While publisher North Beach Games the punctual PC version confirmed, console players still have to be patient. As the developers announce via social media, appear both versions for Sony’s next-gen console (digital and physical) on the same day.

“We need the additional time to review various aspects of the PS5 version and ensure we can deliver the highest quality for PlayStation gamers”is the statement from Free Range Games and North Beach Games.

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Meanwhile, the developers announced that the PC version was completed and thus Reached gold status have. Nothing stands in the way of the punctual release on October 24, 2023 (via Epic Games Store).

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For the sake of clarity, here are the confirmed release dates again:

  • PC (via Epic Games Store): 23. Oktober 2023
  • PS5 (physical and digital): December 5, 2023
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Gimli Reunion in HDR: Return to Moria

Furthermore, the Return of a familiar face will bring great joy to HDR fans. As recently confirmed, Gimli actor is hatching John Rhys-Davies again in the role of the dwarven lord in order to express this vocally in the game.

In an interview with Nerd of the Rings, the Welshman explains: “Actors often create their characters out of love, and sometimes it’s very hard to let them go. Certainly for me Gimli is a character that I really adore and I am very grateful for the opportunity to play him again in a different context.”

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