NECCI PR Organizes Roundtable Discussion to Address Illicit Trade in the Pharmaceutical Sector

NECCI PR Organizes Roundtable Discussion to Address Illicit Trade in the Pharmaceutical Sector

NECCI PR Hosts Roundtable on Tackling Illicit Trade in the Pharma Industry

In an increasingly interconnected world, the pharmaceutical industry faces a significant challenge: the rise of illicit trade. Counterfeit drugs, substandard medications, and unauthorized distribution pose serious risks to public health and safety. As stakeholders in this critical sector, we must come together to combat this scourge effectively.

This year’s conference will highlight the role communication will play in curbing the flagrance of drug counterfeiting in the pharmaceutical industry.

The National Primary Healthcare Development Agency, NPHDA, said that over 70 percent of medicines being dispensed in Nigeria were sub-standard. About 120,000 Africans die annually, according to Brazzaville Foundation.

A lot of Nigerians have been hard hit by this menace. According to medical experts, some of the health issues ranging from loss of sight and hearing defects as well as kidney and liver issues are caused by substandard drugs or abuse thereof. Many lives have been lost and some maimed for life.

Despite counterfeit medicines’ health and safety risks, public awareness of the prevalence and consequences of taking such drugs is lacking. The 23rd episode of the roundtable, therefore seeks to advocate for radical and lasting interventions for this problem through strategic informational communication campaigns that focus on attitude change to curtail the global counterfeit medicines market and ensure public health and safety.

According to the founder and convener of the NECCI Public Relations Roundtable, Nkechi Ali-Balogun, effective communication plays a pivotal role in addressing illicit trade within the pharmaceutical industry and collectively we can strategically educate our consumers through awareness campaigns. She further added that public awareness campaigns can empower consumers to recognize counterfeit drugs and make informed choices.

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By disseminating information through various channels—such as social media, radio, and community events we can raise awareness about the dangers of illicit pharmaceuticals and more importantly help to bring culprits to book.

The fight against illicit trade in the pharmaceutical industry requires a multifaceted approach—one that combines communication, regulation, technology, and collaboration. By working together, we can safeguard public health and ensure that patients receive safe and effective medications.

Nkechi Ali-Balogun added that NECCI Public Relations Roundtable will gather renowned experts under the same roof to examine the pressing concerns surrounding illicit trade in the pharmaceutical sector, which poses substantial threats to public health and national security and find ways to proffer workable solutions through strategic communication.

Confirmed speakers for this event include Professor Adeyeye the Director General (DG) of Nigeria’s National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), Ag. DCG BA Adeniyi, ACG, Nigeria Custom Service, Dere Awosika, (Ph.D. Pharmacy Technology), immediate past Chairman, Access Bank, Brig. Gen. Mohamed Buba Marwa, (Rtd) CON, OFR Chairman/Chief Executive Officer, The National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA), Mbang Femi- Oyewo, MFR, Professor of Pharmaceutics and Pharmaceutical Technology, Pharm. Femi Soremekun, Founder/MD Biofem Group and a host of other intellectuals as panelists.

The roundtable continues with a professional PR programme on lobbying and advocacy the next day with global thought leaders; Olufemi M. Awoyemi, mni CEO & Founder Proshare Nigeria, Bolarinwa Onaolapo, Consultant and Corporate Advisor, FSA Credential Holder (SASB/ IFRS), Lagos State, Nigeria, and Dr. David Mrisho, Lecturer, St. Augustine University, Tanzania.

Attendees for the 2023 edition will cut across key players in the pharmaceutical industry, innovative business leaders and key opinion leaders in the public relations and other sectors. The roundtable consistently attracts participants including business executives, investors, civil leaders, distinguished diplomats, traditional public relations executives, publicists and general strategists, corporate communication executives, business development executives, entrepreneurs and captains of industry as well as general stakeholders within economic and social sectors targeted by the current theme.

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The Venue is Eko Hotel & Suites, Victoria Island, Lagos and the date is Thursday, 26 & 27 October 2023. Time is 10:00hrs.

For over two decades NECCI PR Roundtable has become Nigeria’s greatest Public Relations Conference and a representation of PR professionals and their contributions to diverse sectors. More than a hundred partners have recognized this powerful channel to network, connect and engage communication experts across the country and globally.

Nekechi Ali-Balogun
NECCI PR Roundtable

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