Netflix is ​​working with the developers of GTA 6: The goal of attention is the gaming platform of the streaming service Latest

Although Rockstar Games is trying to keep the development of the most anticipated game title of the decade under wraps, they are not doing very well at the moment. The game studio has faced massive leaks over the past two years. Thanks to that, we know that GTA 6 could be officially announced by the end of 2023, while several reports specifically mentioned the month of October. Today, however, we learned another interesting tidbit.

As he writes Wall Street Journal, the well-known streaming service Netflix wants to use its potential and make money from the Grand Theft Auto game series. Although today Netflix we all know it as a platform for watching movies or series, it started dealing with simple mobile games years ago as part of its Netflix Games publishing studio. It succeeded after acquiring several smaller development companies, including Ustwo Games.

Thanks to this, we should expect some kind of spin-off GTA 6 from Netflix itself, which would be exclusively available only on its own gaming service.

WSJ reports in its report that the company has managed to establish cooperation with Take-Two Interactive, which owns all the rights and licenses to the Grand Theft Auto series.

A brilliant way to attract new subscribers

Although we do not yet know any more details about the plans of Netflix and Take-Two, we can assume that the streaming service wants to win over a larger number of subscribers through a well-known game series that can realistically bring them to them.

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According to earlier findings, Netflix has already invested approximately 1 billion US dollars in the development of games, which, however, are currently of little interest to anyone.

Just for comparison, approximately this amount should cost the development of GTA 6while subsequently keeping the game alive peacefully for the next ten years will cost double.

Netflix also plans to get people on its gaming platform with themed games based on its hit series. We can mention, for example, Black Mirror, Wednesday or Squid Game.

Don’t wait for GTA 6 on Netflix

GTA 6 graphics
Source: YouTube / Gam3 4 Lif3 (edited by editors)

Even though it’s a big news, the fact that you would play a brand new one on Netflix GTA 6 is highly unlikely. The service is primarily aimed at users who own mobile devices or tablets, and even those not with high-end specifications.

GTA 6 will be an extremely challenging title with extremely realistic graphics and physicswhich will need at least a state-of-the-art gaming console or a computer with high hardware specifications for its operation.

So what we can expect from this plan is a new mobile title that will be able to run on a wide range of devices and will not be so demanding. On the other hand, he can also be very funny.

And if that seems unlikely, think of GTA: Liberty City Stories, for example. This game was originally released exclusively for the PSP (PlayStation Portable) before being made available for a wide variety of other devices.

So Netflix’s new GTA title could be something similar. Let’s be surprised.

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