New feature added to PS Plus Premium with Sony Pictures Core on PS5

While we may have access to the best PS Plus games through PS Plus Premium, it seems Sony intends to make the service even more worthwhile. Pretty soon PS Plus Premium users will have access to Sony Pictures Core and with it a bunch of free movies. Make sure to check out our PlayStation Plus guide for more information on the tiers!

Sony Pictures Core will grant PlayStation users access to thousands of movies

Announced through PlayStation BlogSony Pictures Core is a rebranding of the Bravia Core app that is currently available on Bravia TVs and select Xperia devices. Once you sign up for Sony Pictures Core you will be able to rent or purchase over 2000 Sony movies directly from your console, from Uncharted to Ghostbusters. Sony Pictures Core will be coming to PS5 and PS4 consoles on Thursday, October 8, 2023, to select parts of the world.
You’ll even be able to watch the latest Spider-Man films in preparation to earn all of those Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 trophies. While both Essential and Extra tiers will have to pay for every movie on the service, Premium users will have access to a very special library.

“If you’re a PlayStation Plus Premium/Deluxe member, you’ll get access to a curated catalog of up to 100 movies through the Sony Pictures Core app to stream on demand from the Sony Pictures library as part of your membership.” says the official announcement.

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“The catalog, which will be ad-free and updated periodically, features movies such as Looper, Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV, Elysiumand Resident Evil Damnation. There will also be additional benefits for all PlayStation Plus members, so stay tuned for more details.”

New feature added to PS Plus Premium with Sony Pictures Core on PS5Sony Pictures Core is coming to PlayStation

PS5 and PS4 players will also be granted the ability to purchase select Sony Pictures films during an exclusive early access window where they can be the first to own newer Sony movies. Sony used the upcoming Grand Tourism movie as an example of one film that players will be able to nab early. There also seems to be more unrevealed content that will be announced at a later date; something that looks to include PS Plus Premium members.

Personally, this is a pretty wicked feature Premium members will have access to and should hopefully make the recent PS Plus Premium price hike a tad more worthwhile. I can’t wait to see what free movies I gain access to, as well as how expensive it will be to purchase or rent some of the newer Sony movies that have been released.

What do you make of this whole thing? Are you interested in Sony Pictures Core? Will you be checking out those free movies on Premium? Or do you only care about the best PS5 games? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!