New FIFA Referees for 2024 Unveiled: Exclusion of Lukić and Stefanović Raises Curiosity on New Appointments

The Football Association of Serbia has made official the proposal of the list of international referees for the next year. After a long process of adoption and “combing” of representatives of the former and current commission, two changes to the popular “A” list were also adopted.

As Sport klub has learned, the FIFA sign has been taken away Milan Stefanović i Lazar Lukić.

Both Belgrade personnel left behind a small 2023 on the international stage.

An unsuspecting debutante, Milan Stefanović, after a problem on the English language test, he had additional bad luck – an injury. That’s why he found himself out of the field, he greeted the start of the Super League season with a request for rest. Without a day of engagement, not counting the under-the-radar scheduled friendly match between the youth national teams of Serbia and Russia, last November, the referee from around Belgrade could practically end his international career.

Located as “number six”, quite unexpectedly, Lazar Lukić he got the opportunity to represent Serbia in UEFA competitions in 2023. He had no significant engagements – only two games this year and one last year. Commission Dejan Santrac she rated yes Lukić he no longer has a place on the list of international referees and that is why the list without the Belgrade arbitrator was sent to Zurich.

There will be new faces, if FIFA reacts positively, which has been the practice for years, to the proposal of the state association Pavle Ilić i Danilo Nikolic.

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New FIFA Referees for 2024 Unveiled: Exclusion of Lukić and Stefanović Raises Curiosity on New Appointments
Starsport/Srđan Stevanović

A native of Kragujevac Ilićin the narrowed selection of quality solutions, got an unexpected place.

The strong influence of Vojvodina secured the position of the promising one to Danilo Nikolic. The young referee from Lovćenac had a good year behind him, it was mentioned earlier that he could reach the FIFA mark. He used a favorable moment and, along with other references, found himself on the list.

In 2023, Serbia will be represented in UEFA competitions by Srdjan Jovanovic, Miloš Milanović, Novak Simovic i Nenad Minaković.

At the last moment, he saved the position Novak Simovic. Although he is known as one of the best domestic referees, he made several serious mistakes last season and still managed to get on the “train” for Zurich…

The final list of FIFA referees for next year will be made official in December.

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