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Netflix’s range of video games is set to get bigger and better. To achieve this, the streaming service has its eye on the GTA series.

Los Gatos, California – Things remain quiet about GTA 6. Fans are now almost desperately waiting for a new part of the game series from Rockstar Games. They have been stranded for ten years. Could the streaming provider Netflix, of all things, bring salvation? It wasn’t too long ago that Netflix expanded its portfolio to include video games. The range of games is now to be expanded even further. With GTA, Netflix wants to land a really big fish. What are Netflix’s plans with the brand?

New GTA from Netflix? What the streaming service plans to do with Grand Theft Auto

This is what is known about the GTA deal: According to reports, Netflix is ​​said to be in talks to purchase a license from publisher Take-Two Interactive. Further information is not available at this time. However, it is clear that Netflix will have nothing to do with the long-awaited successor to GTA 5.

This is what a GTA from Netflix could look like: So far, Netflix only offers mobile games that can be downloaded via the app. It is therefore reasonable to assume that a new GTA in the hands of Netflix would also become a mobile game. Proof that GTA can work as an app is provided by GTA 3, Vice City and San Andreas, which are already available for purchase on mobile devices.

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Gaming on Netflix

Netflix announced in 2021 that they would be adding video games to their service. In the course of this, the company incorporated several development studios. Netflix now has over 70 games available to subscribers at no additional cost. With increasing investments, the success potential of the gaming initiative is now to be further increased. For example, a feature is currently being tested that allows games to be streamed to TVs and PCs.

If there were to be a new mobile GTA, Netflix as a publisher would have some advantages. Since the games on Netflix contain neither advertising nor in-app purchases, users would be spared this horror. However, only Netflix subscribers can enjoy the games as a bonus at no additional cost. If Netflix actually realizes the dream of its own GTA, interested parties who were not previously customers would have to register with ongoing costs.

The logo of the game Grand Theft Auto next to the logo of the streaming provider Netflix
Is there a GTA from Netflix coming soon? © Rockstar Games / Netflix (montage)

New GTA from Netflix? The streaming service wants to make it big with gaming

Netflix already has these games: In addition to smaller mobile titles, Netflix also has some more high-profile games up its sleeve. With the purchase of the Night School development studio, for example, the company secured the rights to the adventure Oxenfree and its successor Oxenfree 2: Lost Signals. Bloons TD 6, Spiritfarer, Valiant Hearts and Shovel Knight are also among the better-known games on the platform.

Even its own AAA titles are now being planned, for which the company has already brought some big names from the gaming scene on board. A separate GTA would fit well into this strategy.

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Now what about GTA 6? Fans are still in the dark when it comes to concrete information about GTA 6. However, one or two leaks give hope. Someone is said to have recently seen the trailer for the game and even wants to know when it will be released. An insider also claims to know more details about the advanced graphics. You can also read all about the rumors surrounding a release date for GTA 6 here.