Nintendo: the GTA 5 video game should be released on the next Switch? Latest

What if GTA 5 landed on the Nintendo Switch 2? The hypothesis seems increasingly strong and we will tell you why.

We are eagerly awaiting GTA 6. But Nintendo players are still waiting for GTA 5. Well know that the Rockstar title could arrive, but on the next edition of the console. Namely, the Nintendo Switch 2. Suffice to say that it won’t be tomorrow.

A mess of rumors

Never has a title been so talked about in the world of video games. Quite simply because he holds all the records. Particularly in terms of franchising in general. But also because the next opus has still not been released, but is even more talked about than a game already on sale.

Because of this, many rumors arise. Indeed, GTA 6 has been the subject of numerous rumors for several years. But this doesn’t concern Nintendo yet. We can still note that these have become more pronounced in recent weeks. The reason ? Rockstar’s upcoming announcement.

For many, the studio should finally announce the exit from his future baby. And there are many indications that this could happen very quickly. For many, this should happen at the end of October.

As was the case with the fifth part in particular. In other rumors circulating, the price of the future game. While on average, a game costs around 80 euros on next-gen consoles, GTA 6 could cost more.

Indeed, some think that this novelty could around 150 euros. But why such a sum? For many, it would be because of the time the studio would take. To make the investment profitable, Rockstar would make up for the price of its game.

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But all these questions not of interest to Nintendo Switch players. Since they can’t even play GTA 5. And this part shouldn’t be released for a long time. Nintendo gamers should even wait for the Switch 2.

Nintendo: the GTA 5 video game should be released on the next Switch?
Nintendo: the GTA 5 video game should be released on the next Switch?

GTA 5 on the Nintendo Switch 2 and not before

But then, why do players from the Japanese firm have to wait for the next console to play it? First, we can recall when the game was created. Depending on the consoles, the years have differed.

Initially, the game was released on PS3 and Xbox 360. Already, at the time, Nintendo did not yet have the right to its game. It was on September 17, 2013 that Rockstar’s game saw the light of day as Sports Keeda reminds him.

A few years later, and still not on Nintendo, a PS4 and Xbox One version saw the light of day. A year after the release, in 2014. Subsequently, PS5 and Xbox Series X and S players were entitled to an improved version which was released in 2022.

In other words, almost 10 years since GTA saw the light of day. And yet, the Switch was never entitled to it. According to our colleagues, the reason remains simple. The console would not support the graphics and power of the game. Even today.

In fact, we would therefore have to wait for the Nintendo Switch 2 to see the light of day to be able to play it. The Switch 2 could indeed be upgraded compared to the existing console. In terms of hardware and power.

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According to the leaks relayed by our colleagues, many versions could emerge. In particular a version 64 and 256 Go, 12 Go RAMan OLED screen with touch input and a resolution of 900p.