October 2023 VR Game Releases: Prepare Your Bank Account, Get Ready for an Exciting Month!

The release of Quest 3 will surely bring renewed interest in past and future games. Well if you’re still undecided, don’t forget to watch notre preview of the new helmet Meta. Rest assured, the PSVR 2 and the Pico 4 are not left out however. Yes, this month, everyone will have their share of the pie.

October 2023 VR Game Releases: Prepare Your Bank Account, Get Ready for an Exciting Month!

  • Ghost Signal : A Stellaris Game – 5 octobre (PCVR, PSVR 2)

Already available on Meta Quest 2 et Pico 4, Ghost Signal will delight fans of rogue lite. On board the spaceship Aurorayou will have to investigate the eponymous ghost signal and discover the mysteries hidden there.

The 7th Guest VR is the remake of the excellent point’n’click published in 1993 on CD-I. published by Vertigo Games (Arizona Sunshine, After the Fall…)The player will have to travel through a haunted mansion and solve its mysteries.

  • The Wizards – Dark Times : Brotherhood – 19 octobre (PCVR, Meta Quest)

The Wizards – Dark Times is going to have its own remake through the update Brotherhood. This brings a co-op mode that can accommodate three players, new enemies, spells as well as additional objectives and levels. The icing on the cake is that optimized controls and visual improvements are also planned, for both old and new VR headsets.

The VR game based on the successful license Ghostbusters arrives at the end of the month on systems Meta Quest. Attention, for those who already have the PSVR 2we invite you to wait for our testbecause this version risks being the most immersive ever: eye tracking, headset/controller haptic feedback, improved graphics. So why wait? For the same reasons that led many players not to buy day one Switchback VR, Project Wingman, Green Hell or even HellSweeper: the lack of finishing and optimization for Sony’s VR headset.

  • Journey to Foundation – October 26 (Peak, PSVR 2, Meta Quest)

Journey to Foundation (read our article) is a narrative-focused SF adventure game and where your choices will have consequences (a great rarity in VR). You play as the agent Wardwho possesses unique mental abilities allowing him to perceive and manipulate the emotions of others.

  • The Foglands – October 31 (PSVR 2Meta Quest)

The Foglands (read our article) is a rogue lite horror where you play a runner whose goal is to collect enough loot to save your people from a dire fate. Know that the game will also be playable on a flat screen (PS5) and a PCVR version will follow soon.

Released last year on consoles and PC, here is the survival horror MADiSON sees itself adapted in view FPS on PSVR 2 a PCVR. The subtlety of the title is to not offer any weaponsfurther reinforcing the feeling of helplessness and fear. You will be equipped with a single camera to try to solve the puzzles which will mark your progress.

  • Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss – October 2023 (PC VR, Quest)

Released in early access last month on theApp Lab (read our preview), Glassbreakers: Champions of Moss is a real-time combat game MOBA. Surprise, the title is announced first in PCVR for this month, the Meta Quest version will perhaps, logically, be available next month.

If you like them Escape Games, what’s more, those that you can discover in VR arcades, rejoice! Room of Realities exits Early Access (AppLab, Steam) to make the neurons work, alone or in groups.

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