Official Launch of Farsiders: A Thai-Made RPG Game

Thai nationality development team GambitGhost Studio has announced confirmation of the release of the full version of the game at the same time on October 17th Including a major update that has both new features and various bug fixes. The basic details are summarized as follows.

Official Launch of Farsiders: A Thai-Made RPG Game
  • FARSIDERS’ FINAL SUMMARY Follow Cassie as she concludes the thrilling story of FARSIDERS. Where will Cassie’s journey end? Get ready for a journey that will create an unforgettable experience!
  • The UI has more features. The game’s UI has been improved to include more features to create an experience that makes your journey more realistic and exciting.
  • Save Slots In this latest update, the team received everyone’s feedback and improved the save game system by adding slots for all players to try out various in-game challenges.
  • Difficulty Levels The game has adjusted the balance of various enemies to make them more difficult to defeat. Whether it’s increasing the attack rate, stamina power, and various effects that players will receive to increase the challenge.
  • Localization: Thai Farsiders finally has Thai language! We have arranged to translate the game Farsiders into our native language. To make it easier to understand, just go to adjust the settings and change the language.

Finally, to welcome the release of the full version of Farsiders But we have reduced the game price by 50% on Steam from 625 baht to 312 baht from today until October 24, 2023.

Moreover, we are going to an event. Thailand Game Show 2023 on the day 20-22 October 2023 With many special activities Meet us at the booth. F10!!! Please.

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