One of PlayStation Plus’s Most Epic Action Adventures: Embark on an Unforgettable Journey through a Land Teeming with Robotic Perils

There are some exclusive Sony franchises that have undoubtedly become the best in the PS4 and PS5 catalog. Guerrilla Games is one of the main people responsible for this fact thanks to Horizon Zero Dawn, an impressive action adventure that it published in 2017 and whose sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, hit all stores in early 2022.

Although this continuation has practically not been on sale for long, it is one of the games that can be downloaded for free by those who are subscribed to PlayStation Plus Extra y Premiumwhich means that you will have the option to live this unforgettable journey from your PS4 or PS5 once you get the title through the PlayStation Store.

Aloy is once again the solo protagonist of this open world adventure. On this occasion she will have to undertake a journey into the Forbidden Westan area where you will encounter new cultures, allies and threats in the form of robotic beasts. But if there is something that characterizes this second part, it is how much its graphic quality has improved to make the characters, combats and environments look simply amazing.

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In the region you will have to face extreme climates, but it will also be possible to explore the surroundings by diving through the water or using a glider to move through the air in this America set in the distant future. To survive it will be essential to learn to master different weapons, improve equipment and skills and whatever is necessary in order to discover more details of Earth’s past.

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On the other hand, the version for PS5 boasts take advantage of all the capabilities of the console and DualSense. For example, in this version you can play in 4K HDR or with a performance mode that reaches 60 fps, fast travel will be practically instantaneous and the controller will make us get more fully into the action thanks to the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers .

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