Peru inaugurates its first high-performance center for esports Latest


Peru inaugurates its first high-performance center for esports

At the end of October it will open its doors to talented players and amateurs interested in electronic games.

The “Esports Videna” already exists and was inaugurated by the Peruvian Association of Electronic Sports and Video Games (APDEV). In-Game is a high-performance center specialized in esports and video games that seeks to find new talents and support Peruvian professional players in Dota 2, League of Legends, FIFA, Counter Strike and others.

The high performance center for esports, In-Gameis equipped with 80 state-of-the-art computers and video game consoles such as PlayStation for all types of gamers.

The “sports village” will be one more step from the already popular LAN Center because it is not only a space with technological devices and fiber optics for the Internet, there are also specialists such as coach gamers, sports psychologists and other professionals who will support the development of the professional players who come to this training center.

Peru inaugurates its first high-performance center for esports

Although it seeks to support the competitive esports community in Peru, it also becomes a meeting space for everyone passionate about electronic games and amateur players.

Why have a high-performance center for esports?

Mariano Tapia, president of APDEV, explained to the Andina agency that it was a “necessity” to have a high-performance center dedicated to the gamer community in Peru.

“The video game industry has grown a lot, we even export professional Dota 2 players to other continents. There is a mass of players who are not only practicing to become professional players, but also the audience that has taken off by 25-30% unlike other years. People no longer only see video games as a topic of entertainment, but they also plan to forge a professional career,” he said.

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In his opinion, the esports ecosystem in Peru not only needs professional gamers, but also lawyers, doctors, publicists and other video game specialists.

In-Game, located in the Lima district of La Molina, it will host the national leagues of five esports by 2024.

“We are going to develop the national leagues. We have some video games that are still tentative, but I could confirm that we are going to have Dota 2, League of Legends, Counter Strike, FIFA; and we are definitely also going to develop what the Viewer parties are, with a march white this year for the final of the League of Legends World Cup and The International of Dota 2,” he said

These events usually have complex schedules for a commercial establishment, for example, in the early morning. That is why a giant screen will be installed at In-Game for these activations.

In his opinion, this high-performance esports center will also allow us to detect new Peruvian talents to join teams or be considered for clubs abroad.

The new high-performance esports center has four spaces for computers and video game consoles, a conference room and soon a terrace.

Source: Andina