Peter Molyneux’s latest game delves into Albion, the Fable universe, complete with its copyright protection.

Peter Molyneux’s new game is still codenamed MOAT, but he himself has announced that it is “set in the land of Albion”; despite its similarity to Fable and the problems it has…

Peter Molyneux has a new project called MOAT that would come to PCSteam Deck, Xbox Series X|S and PS5 after the NFT thing, but there may be problems. It announces that it is set in Albionthe land of Fable.

Molyneux was a designer on Fable, Fable 2 and Fable 3 before abandoning the saga and its original developer: Lionhead Studios, but his future projects have gone from smoke to smoke.

Although these are the first concrete details we have of his new game on 22Cans since he recently announced it in Gamelab, saying that it has a mechanic that “has never been seen in a game” before.

As Eurogamer said, it was also Molyneux himself who revealed the current code name of MOAT – like an acronym still unrevealed – last month.

The creative and manager confirms all this through his Twitter account, where he also left a blog in which he intends to regularly provide information about all the processes in development.

“I may live to regret this decision, but I’m going to start a regular blog about my crazy way of designing games,” his message reads at the beginning.

“Specifically, a new game set in the land of Albion called MOAT. Along the way, I will look back at the development of Fable, Black & White, etc.”, so it does leave this setting implicit.

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In an additional response, he confirms that unfortunately and “due to the haters and my fragile mental state, I have disabled comments”; although at the time of writing this article it is still possible to respond.

It is not clear how this will work, since Microsoft currently has a trademark on Fable and it is understandable that he owns the rights to the franchise.


And what’s more, the new Fable reappeared at Xbox Games Showcase 2023 with many new features, but also doubting what they saw; a compliment to its developers at Playground.

It is reboot de Fable It has been in development since at least 2018 and now is when we see the best side of it. Even though it is the only update visible since its announcement.

He trailer starring Richard Ayoade -The IT Crowd- advanced the Playground Games game and continues to be developed at Xbox Game Studios with passion.

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In the ResetEra forums they are divided over whether Molyneux is going to have or not copyright problems due to the use of Albionbecause it is also the historical name of Great Britain.

While some think that all this is already a thing of the past and that it can be freed as long as it is not used explicitly, others believe that everything is linked; no matter who likes it.

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He Peter Molyneux’s new game is set in Albion, the Fable universe. We’ll see how all this turns out and if the project continues to progress well.