Physical game fans receive disappointing news with the release of Switch 2 update

At this point, is anyone still unconvinced that the Nintendo Switch 2 isn’t out there somewhere? While we’d once buried the idea of a mythical Switch Pro, it’s a rumour that just won’t stay dead. With leaked renders and claims it was shown to journalists at Gamescom, the evidence is mounting.

It’s been five years since the Nintendo Switch rose from the ashes of the Wii U, reinventing the concept of home-hybrid consoles and bringing Nintendo’s catalogue of games into a league of its own. The Switch has been a powerhouse at every turn (continuously beating PlayStation and Xbox), but it’s time to say goodbye.

Switch 2 rumour could be bad news for physical games

Physical game fans receive disappointing news with the release of Switch 2 update

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Nintendo is yet to officially lift the veil on the Switch 2, meaning we know nothing about its launch or price, however, insider SoldierDelta has an interesting scoop on their Discord. Apparently, Nintendo is planning to release two versions of the Switch 2 upon launch.

Although we’re taking these rumours with a pinch of salt, we could be mashing the buttons on a Standard Edition Switch priced at $449 (£367) and a Digital-Only version for $399 (£326). Both of these are poised to land in 2024, and with SoldierDelta having a reasonable track record with gaming leaks, so we’ll be keeping an eye on this one.

As the gaming industry makes a move toward digital releases, there are sure to be those purists who lament the loss of physical games. Nintendo has decades of discs and cartridges, so it would be a shame to say goodbye to this tradition. Even the cheaper Switch Lite had room for cartridges, so there are sure to be critics.

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What else do we know about the Switch 2?

Switch 2 Mario and Donkey Kong

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It’s all speculation, but there are continued rumbles that the Switch 2 will launch in the second half of 2024. This is backed up by SoldierDelta, who pins it down to September 24, 2024. Even if that is the real deal, it’s possible this date will shift.

For those wondering what’s going on under the hood, the Switch 2 will apparently be akin to the PS4 and Xbox One, leading to grumbles it won’t be the truly new-gen console it could be. Then again, that didn’t stop Tears of the Kingdom from being one of 2023’s biggest releases.

If we’re getting a Digital-Only Switch 2, it would see Nintendo follow in the footsteps of Microsoft and Sony with the Disc-Free PS5 and Xbox Series S. It’s a competitive price that would see the Switch 2 rival the likes of the Steam Deck and ROG Ally, but as usual, we’re left wading through a sea of rumours.