Playing the latest creation by Genshin Impact developers: A game that offers immense potential

While Genshin Impact He is turning 3 years old and Honkai Star Rail has just arrived on PS5, the horizon for Hoyoverse games will continue to expand even further with new proposals. Zenless Zone Zero –abbreviating it as ZZZ– will go in a very different direction, moving away from the fantasy of the other titles to give us a RPG action in an urban context that shines for its stylish presentation.

During Brasil Game Show 2023 we had the opportunity to visit the huge stand that Hoyoverse brought to show its games to the Latin American gaming community and we took a few minutes to try the available demo of Zenless Zone Zeroa game that still does not have a release date but is already being shown at conventions around the world.

An action RPG with a graphic novel presentation

The Brasi Game Show 2023 demo was divided into 3 parts: a story demo, a boss fight challenge, and an area dedicated entirely to exploration.

The part corresponding to the story allowed us to have a small sample of the way in which the narrative content will be delivered to us. Instead of traditional cutscenes, we have images of the characters that take up much of the screen as if it were a graphic novel or a comic/manga. We think that this format for the narrative segments of the game is a success that highlights the effort that was put into elements of the game such as its character design.

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Zenless Zone Zero Previo Bgs 2

In addition to the dialogue sequences, this first demo offered us a gameplay tutorial that makes it clear that we are facing an action RPG. If you are used to Genshin Impact You can expect something very similar: we have a third-person action game in which your character has a main attack that, when executed several times in a row, becomes a combo. Another vitally important command is dodging: your opponents will offer very obvious visual clues so you know when you should execute the defensive maneuver.

Added to the above is a special ability that you can perform after accumulating enough ‘decibels’ on a ‘noise’ meter. Making perfect dodges is the best way to fill that meter.

Finally, there is also the use of multiple characters. As happens in Genshin Impactthere is a button that allows you to change characters in real time, so that You can make longer combos if you connect more than one character’s attacks in the same sequence. This quick-change mechanic allows you to make the best use of the way each of the protagonists attacks and moves.

The story demo had little in the way of combat, but there was another part of the build of BGS 2023 that expanded a little more on what we could test in this regard.

Zenless Zone Zero Previo Bgs 4

Fast combos and teamwork

The time has come to face a boss and test what you learned in the story demo tutorials. Here we went from having 2 members in the party to 3, which further expanded the possibilities when chaining combos during combat.

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Zenless Zone Zero Previo Bgs 3

In addition to each character’s special ability, there is a super that can be performed constantly.. Managing very well the moments in which you change your characters, as well as using their special abilities and supers in the best way, is key to defeating large enemies like the boss that presented us with the combat challenge of the demo.

It is also worth mentioning that Each character has their own combat style and weapons. Remembering once again what has been presented to us Genshin Impact In the past, we have characters who have ranged firearms, while others are better at attacking at close ranges. We only played the combat challenge once, but there was a good selection of characters to choose from, which It leaves us thinking about all the possibilities there will be in terms of the combat styles of each of them and how we can combine them.

Zenless Zone Zero Previo Bgs 7

An urban environment to explore that exudes style

Finally, the third part of the demo let us explore a small painting of a city that could very well be any urban neighborhood of a futuristic oriental city. Narrow alleys, eye-catching advertisements, food stalls and arcades were among what we could see when walking through the streets of the small section set up for the demo.

Judging by what was seen in material that was shown at the last Gamescom, in this city we will be able to have some interactions and mini-games that range from playing in the arcades and choosing the background music, to choosing your favorite ramen at the restaurant to acquire power-ups. All this gives the proposal a small touch of a life simulator that we do not find in the previous Hoyoverse games and that is most interesting in Zenless Zone Zero.

Zenless Zone Zero Previo Bgs 5

Zenless Zone Zero leaves good impressions, we are still waiting for its release date

The theme of Zenless Zone Zeroso different from previous Hoyoverse games, can be a fdetermining player so that there are new players who dare to immerse themselves fully in Hoyoverse’s proposals.

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In the gameplay of the game we can notice clear similarities with the studio’s other titles, at the end of the day it makes sense to resume what has already been done well in other games from the company such as Genshin Impact. Nevertheless, Zenless Zone Zero It also seeks its own identity with its commitment to urban environments, a new way of telling its stories and a setting that is reminiscent of games like Persona, The Worlds Ends With You y Jet Set Radio.

Unfortunately we still do not have a release date for this title nor do we know what the monetization plans will be like for a proposal that will surely follow the free-to-play path of the rest of the Hoyoverse games. Anyway, we know that it will come to PC, mobile devices and consoles in the future. The first impressions it has left us are very good and we are looking forward to knowing more so we can play its final version.