PlayStation 5 Slim Set to Release in 2022

PlayStation 5 Slim Set to Release in 2022

We all knew it was coming. The Sony PlayStation 5 “Slim,” which is a much needed refresh, considering the size and bulk of the original PlayStation 5.

Design changes are – basically nothing. Sure, it’s a little smaller, a bit slimmer here and there – which Sony says is 30% smaller compared to the original model. And there’s that kinda rad rally stripe zipping across the new PS5 Slim. But it pretty much looks the same, nothing too much to be excited about.

Much like the original PS5, there will be two new Slim models. One with a Ultra HD Blu-ray drive and one without, being digital only. However, Sony is offering an add-on purchase of an external Ultra HD Blu-ray to attach into the digital-only PS5 Slim, which makes it more expensive. I’m sure there’s a price strategy somewhere in there but I cannot figure it out.


In any case, the new slim models will have the same internal specs as the original PS5. Also, you’ll be getting 1TB storage. And given the direction how large games are getting, 1TB should let you store about three and a half-games (Star Wars Jedi Survivor is a whooping 147GB, Spider-Man 2 is said to be about 98GB, Mortal Kombat 1 is 140GB, so yeah, 1TB seems rather small, and there are future DLCs and patches to consider).

In Sony’s blog post, they intend to roll out the slim models in selected retailers, and will continue to do so globally, and they have no intention of producing more of the original PS5 models.

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The question is, is there going to be another rush? Will the PS5 Slim be “sold out” everywhere? Hopefully not, since PS5 stocks have been plentiful in stores these days, so there’s less reason for some people to justify purchasing it. Now, the PlayStation 5 Pro, which might come out next year, is another thing entirely.