PlayStation 5 users can now enjoy Honkai: Star Rail

Star Rail

Global interactive entertainment brand, HoYoversetoday announced that the game Honkai: Star Rail is now officially available on the PlayStation 5 platform, and the new version 1.4 has been released with the title “Awakening from Winter Dreams“. From now on, Trailblazers can enjoy galactic adventures on the PS5 console, immersing themselves in the exciting storyline and gameplay.

The extraordinary hardware performance of the PS5 not only provides more creative space for the creators and development team of “Honkai: Star Rail”, but also makes it an ideal platform for the Trailblazers’ interstellar travels. Additionally, the PS5 can also run at 4K resolution with ease, presenting natural scenes and images of otherworldly characters in a lifelike way. What’s even more interesting is that the game “Honkai: Star Rail” takes full advantage of the PS5’s powerful performance to provide Trailblazers with an extraordinary visual experience. With one of the most iconic locations of Xianzhou Luofu, “Alchemy Commission” here, “Honkai: Star Rail” takes advantage of the PS5’s performance to display volumetric fog and water waves in higher quality, so players can observe the movement of the sea surface at different levels and wavelengths on the map in detail, as well as more realistic refraction and reflection effects on the water surface.

In addition to improving the overall visual effects, the excellent SSD hardware performance of PS5 also guarantees fast file loading, bringing players a smoother and smoother interstellar adventure experience. In addition to improvements to the PS5 engine, the “Honkai: Star Rail” team is also committed to optimizing existing elements through the development of new content and long-term content updates to improve the gaming experience for players.

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In addition, in the new version 1.4, along with the presence of Jingliu, Topaz & Numby, and Guinaifen, Trailblazer will also experience “Aetherium War”, the most influential video game brand in the “Honkai: Star Rail” universe for the first time. This game will be holding an amazing new event in Jarilo-Ⅵ called “Interastral Tournament Festival”, and invites Trailblazer to join this event. Here, Trailblazers will have the opportunity to collect and develop your own Aether Spirit. These replica partners are replicas of unique creatures that can be trained and developed, so they can become tough Trailblazer combat partners in the “Aetherium War”. As the festival progresses, countless players from all over the universe will join the world of “Aetherium War”, to forge new friendships and embark on new adventures together.

In addition to the existing PC, Epic Games Store, iOS and Android platforms, at Summer Game Fest 2023, “Honkai: Star Rail” is now available on the PlayStation®5 platform starting October 11, 2023, and announced the new version 1.4. Players can go on adventures using the cross-save method. The game has been rated T (Teen) on the ESRB and 12 on PEGI.

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