PlayStation gamers vote for the ultimate exclusive game

The PlayStation community has wanted to choose what is, in their opinion, the brand’s best exclusive game for all these years and they seem to have it very clear.

PlayStation gamers vote for the ultimate exclusive game

PlayStation is currently facing an unusual problem for the brand: the lack of exclusive games on PS5. Although we are only a few days away from it happening the premiere of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 on October 20, whose launch trailer was recently revealed, the brand’s future looks bleak. However, it is one of the companies that has the largest names in the sector. For this reason, the players wanted to find What is the best exclusive in the entire history of PlayStation and they seem to have it very clear.

In this way, through the Reddit forums, players wanted to debate which is the most successful exclusive in PlayStation history. Through a vote that included The Last of Us Parte I, Marvel’s Spider-Man, God of War, Uncharted 2, Bloodborne y Ghost of Tsushima, users of the Japanese brand seem to be very clear about who the winner is, although some others claimed notable absences from previous generations. However, the vast majority agree that Among that selection there is a game that has no rival: The Last of Us Part I.

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In fact, many other players seem claim the presence of The Last of Us Part II on the list, so, in any case, it seems that it is the highest-rated saga in the entire history of PlayStation. At the moment, everything indicates that Naughty Dog intends to continue continuing the story started by Joel and Ellie, so we will have to keep a close eye on any news in this regard.

The remastering of The Last of Us Part II points to its imminent arrival on PS5

Ante the lack of exclusives that is ravaging the current PS5, the Japanese brand is resorting to releasing some of its greatest hits back to the next-generation console. The next to do so will be The Last of Us Part II, the claimed Naughty Dog title, which has already leaked its remastered version on a couple of occasions. At the moment, the Californian company has not commented on the matter.

For now, everything seems to indicate that The Game Awards 2023 gala would be an ideal setting to presents this new version of The Last of Us Part II dedicated to PS5.


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