PlayStation Takes on Venom Following Spider-Man and Wolverine

Rumors are circulating about a possible Venom game developed by PlayStation. What do we know?

This weekend was filled with cobwebs for many. In addition to the arrival of Halloween, PS5 players were able to discover the latest PlayStation game, namely Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Developed by Insomniac Games, it completes a franchise with a third canonical title that is original to say the least. Peter Parker and Miles Morales team up to defeat Kraven the Hunter. Venom also comes into the game in the form of symbiotic powers granted to one of the two Spider-Mans. But the adventure might not end there for the creature.

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Indeed, rumors are circulating about the continuation of the franchise. Those who have already been able to test Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 know that Venom is actually one of the main protagonists of the game. After having taken possession of Peter, but also of Harry and half of the inhabitants of New York City, it is perhaps time for the symbiote to have its hour of glory. This is what Jon Paquette, director of game narrative, tells us. In an interview with Insider, he said:

This is one of the best Venom stories you’ll ever experience. We’re waiting to see how the fans react. We will listen to them and ask ourselves what they really want. We’ll talk about it when we’ve all had time to sleep and take a vacation.

The best part of Venom?

We will not say that we agree with the first part of the declaration, when we take into consideration that Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 takes away all the anti-hero nuance from Venom. Concept which could well come back to the forefront, especially if an entire game is dedicated to it. Could this also mean the addition of Eddie Brock to the cast? The symbiote needs a new host, although the story could just as easily focus on the time before Marvel’s Spider-Man 2the origin of the alien creature as well as its arrival in Harry’s medical treatment.

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This wouldn’t be the first time that Sony has given a spin-off to one of its Spider-Verse characters. Miles Morales was also entitled to his own title, which ultimately proved almost essential to understanding the main franchise. While waiting to have more information, we will have to settle for this second game as well as the next one Wolverinewhich should be released next year, also designed by the Insomniac Games teams.

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