Podcast Reload: Season 15 Episode 06 – The New Look of PS5, Watch Me, Station to Station, Wrapping It Up!

Listen, we recorded this show before the CMA approved the purchase of Activision Blizzard King, so the first installment of this show is about a few other things. There is talk about the leg of the new model of PlayStation 5about the departure of John Riccitiello of Unityabout what could happen if Disney bought Electronic Arts; We even commented on the campaign he ran Shell (the gasoline one, yes) within Fortnite, so that children can get gas in a friendly context. To comment on Xbox and Activision we will have to rely, for now, on the Active Recharge on Friday; We will comment on something more next week, when we have more details about the operation and what awaits us in the near future.

After the news, it’s time to open the doors of the podcast to the people who made Look at methe game that won the Indie Spain Jam 2023: we talk to Chuso Montero, Eufrasio y Renato Meyer about their experience in this jam, about how they designed the game and, in the case of Chuso, who is our family, what it’s like to get into video game development after so much time playing them in front of everyone. (You can play Mírame in itch.ioby the way.)

And games? A little bit of everything: from old classics like Desert Golfing to some Steam Next Fest demos that have especially interested us, through recent releases such as Station to Station o It’s a Wrap!

We finish with a Prorogation in which we add some nuance to what we talked about last week about layoffs, contractors and working conditions, about how this latest generation of consoles is going and about… Switch 2?! This final section is only for patrons, so support us and get an extra hour. Take it now.

Podcast Reload: Season 15 Episode 06 – The New Look of PS5, Watch Me, Station to Station, Wrapping It Up!

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00:00:00 – Introduction
00:06:17 – The new PlayStation 5 model
00:34:27 – John Riccitiello deja Unity
00:36:27 – The Lamplighters League
00:43:27 – What if Disney buys Electronic Arts?
00:53:01 – Look at me, with Chuso Montero, Eufrasio and Renato Meyer
01:35:00 – Introduction to games
01:38:18 – Desert Golfing
01:43:57 – Some demos from Steam Next Fest
01:48:04 – Station to Station
01:54:32 – It’s a Wrap!
02:04:07 – Next week on Reload… (and as a gift, a reflection on the GOTY)
02:15:15 – Farewell

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