Possible Launch Date and Functions of the Web and Companion Applications

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<p>EA Sports FC 24: Potential Release Date and Features of the Web and Companion Apps</p>
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Judging by past trends, we can expect the web and companion apps to release on 20th and 21st September respectively.
EA Sports FC 24 will officially release on 22nd September for Ultimate Edition buyers and on 29th September for those who purchased the Standard Edition.
The game is available on several platforms such as Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.

The release of the newly rebranded EA Sports FC 24 is imminent and several fans are hyped up to get their hands on the game. Electronic Arts has partnered with several brands like Nike, , etc. to promote their new branding which would help them smoothly transition from their traditional FIFA name. With the game just a couple of weeks away, many fans might be wondering about the latest web and companion apps to keep track of their Ultimate Team shop. Let’s dive in and take a look at the potential release date for the latest version of these apps.

What Features Does the Web and Companion App Provide?

While it is obvious that these apps don’t allow you to play the game, they offer substantial benefits for those who have a keen eye on the Ultimate Team mode. Ever since these apps came out, they have been the preferred method of trading cards and accessing the in-game store, as you can remotely access them without having to log in to the game.

Here are some of its features:

  • Transfer Market: The ultimate team transfer market allows you to sell redundant player cards and also allows you to sign new players into your roster

  • Track Objectives and Complete SBCs: You can check out the latest updates to squad building challenges and keep track of upcoming objectives

  • Access the Ultimate Team Shop: Gaining access to the in-game shop means you can check out and purchase new packs and kits and also open packs that you have already obtained.

  • Change your Ultimate Team Squad: You can re-arrange your squad and create custom line-ups that will make them more efficient and effective.

  • Claim Rewards: Upon completing SBCs, Ultimate Team Champs, or Playoffs, you can claim your rewards directly from the app.

What Is the Expected Release Date for the Companion and the Web App?

Although EA has not officially announced the release date for the latest apps, we can expect them to go live sometime before the release of the Ultimate Edition of EA Sports FC 24. According to reliable FUT Trader @WeaverFUT, the web app will go live on 20th September.

Judging by this, we can expect the companion app to go live on 21st September which is a day before the release of the game’s . This version of the game provides access to Nike’s Ultimate Team Kit so it is entirely possible for this date to be true.

Do keep in mind that this is not official information from EA so the dates are subject to change anytime.

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