Possible return of these 2 PS3 games on PS5 is imminent

These two titles are among the ones with the best ratings on PS3.

Possible return of these 2 PS3 games on PS5 is imminent PS3 and PS5 are two of Sony’s great consoles

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Although it was not the best console that Sony has released, being in fact called the worst of the five desktop consoles, it must be said that PS3 came to have a very varied and extensive catalogthus giving rise to many who are wishing that more titles from this console reach the current generation thanks to the PlayStation Plus Premium service, although it has become clear that the backward compatibility of PS3 on PS5 continues to be one of the great Sony To Do.

Be that as it may, the latest reports indicate that although it will not have this complete backward compatibility at the moment, it seems that we will have PS3 content on the current Sony console, since it has been leaked a new list of Hotline Miam and Hotline Miami 2: Wrong Number trophiesthese being two of the titles with the best ratings on PS3 and PS Vita that, according to this leak, they could have a native release on PS5.

Hotline Miami could come to PS5 natively

This has become known due to the Exophase trophy and achievement website, which functions as a database and has added Hotline Miame and Hotline Miami 2 trophies for PS5which suggests that they will be games that will be re-released on this console, especially because they have been placed separately from the PS3, PS4 and PS Vita versions. However, although the signs are clear, for now Devolver Digital has not commented on the matterit being a mystery if this leak has brought forward the announcement.

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Given this, it must be noted that both Hotline Miami titles have been released for multiple consolesbeing that although they were initially a PlayStation exclusive on consoles after the launch on PC, over time they have become available on other platforms. Therefore, know that if you are interested in these titles, you can enjoy them in Android, Nintendo Switch, PC, PS3, PS4, PS Vita y Xbox One. For the rest, we are still waiting for a third installment.

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