Possible Rewrite: Potential for a Smaller Sequel in God of War: Ragnarok

The new Santa Monica project would be in line with Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales.

Possible Rewrite: Potential for a Smaller Sequel in God of War: Ragnarok God of War Ragnarok DLC would be a standalone expansion

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After its enormous launch, conquering critics and players, who made God of War: Ragnarok the best sales debut in the history of PlayStation Studios, it was emphasized that Santa Monica would continue its habit of not making DLCs. Thus, a year ago the game director emphasized the few possibilities of the game being expanded since he considers it big enough, although now It seems there has been a change of plans.

This summer the news broke that a God of War Ragnarok DLC would already be in development through one of the most reputable leakers of the moment. Now, There is talk of the possibility of this project being truly a smaller game born as a large independent DLC.

A few days ago, the media IGN published an article in which it explained that games like Infamous First Light, Uncharted: The Lost Legacy and Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales are considered Independent expansions or “half-sequels” could have become the solution for the big studios now that games require more development time, something that Sony Santa Monica itself has admitted.

Now, leaker @ViewerAnon, who has also successfully leaked news in the past, has revealed that the outlet is correct with this report, as these smaller-scale games reduce the gap between releases and “at the same time greener teams are allowed to work on the “half-sequence” with established tools and support“.

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Thus, the leaker claims that Santa Monica Studio is working on something new for God of Warwhich could be a DLC or a half-sequel that extends the chronology of the saga in Norse mythology a little more.

A PS5 exclusive God of War

While the last two God of War games came to PS4, the DLC or half-sequel to Ragnarok would be exclusive to PS5. According to a rumor, this new story will be based on the search for the giantsone of the great mysteries that the Nordic saga of Kratos and Atreus has implemented, so it could closing that circle definitively to be able to make way for the next saga which will star the Ghost of Sparta.

An adventure starring the son of the God of War could also be possible, although it seems that all possibilities are open for him. one of Sony’s best performing sagas Return as soon as possible to enrich the catalog of the next generation console.

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