Preorder Now: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Bundle with PS5

Gamestop has opened pre-orders for one of the most anticipated bundles of the moment: the Playstation 5 accompanied by the game Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Gaming enthusiasts will have the opportunity to choose between two variants of the bundle. The first includes the version of the console with the Blu Ray player, ideal for those who own a physical collection of games or for those who prefer to have the freedom to exchange and resell titles.

The second option is the Digital version of the PS5, perfect for those who prefer a completely digital game library, often benefiting from discounts and promotions on the PlayStation Store. For more information on the title, we also recommend reading our preview.

PS5 bundle with Marvel’s Spider-Man 2, who should buy it?

The bundle PS5 Standard con Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 represents one ideal combination for those who are looking for a next-generation gaming experience combined with a gripping plot. This bundle is perfect for longtime Spider-Man fans who want to re-immerse themselves in Peter Parker’s adventures in stunning graphics, but also for those who are new to the franchise and want to get started with one of the most anticipated titles.

The PS5, with its ultra-fast loading speed, ensures that every moment of gameplay is fluid and immersive. So, if you are someone who doesn’t want to compromise on quality and wants both flagship hardware and high-profile gaming, this bundle is the right investment for you. Furthermore, it also represents a great starting point for anyone making the leap into the new generation of consoles, guaranteeing hours and hours of high-quality entertainment.

We remind you that the launch of the bundle PS5 con Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is expected for October 20, 2023. Our advice, if you are interested in the product, is to book it now, so as to have it comfortably at your home for Day One.

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Prenota bundle PS5 standard + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

Prenota PS5 Digital + Marvel’s Spider-Man 2