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The supposed price of Grand Theft Auto VI exceeds the average price of conventional games in the United States.

According to a rumor published by the page Niche Gamerthere is a possibility that the GTA 6 launches with a price tag of $150, which is considerably more expensive than the average price of games in the United States. Additionally, the page also claims that the game’s development cost for the Rockstar reached the impressive figure of 2 billion dollars.

How do you remember Or Vice: A significant new feature in the franchise is the inclusion of a playable female protagonist for the first time. This character, of Latin origin, will play an important role in a story inspired by the famous bank robbers Bonnie e Clyde. Additionally, the development team is taking a very cautious approach to the game’s humorous content, avoiding overstepping boundaries towards marginalized groups, something that could be a significant change from previous games in the series.

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The game’s single-player map will feature a fictional version of Miami, which appears to be the classic Vice City, and its surrounding areas. This map will receive updates over time, with the regular addition of new missions and cities, with the aim of keeping the game fresh, making it very exciting for old and new players.

There is also the expectation that the game will offer more indoor locations than any other title in the franchise, all with the aim of providing an even greater immersive experience for players. However, it is important to remember that all this information has not yet been officially confirmed by the Rockstar Games. It is worth noting that, for now, all this information should be treated as rumors, as it has not been officially confirmed by the developer.

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Not long ago, one of the executives also spoke about the game’s launch window. Strauss ZelnickCEO yes Take-Two Interactivethe controlling company of Rockstar Gamesshared big news about the launch of the highly anticipated game Grand Theft Auto VI. The executive was questioned during a recent interview with CNBC, specifically about the release date of GTA VI.