PS5 elevates the lizard’s appearance to an impressive level

The most believable Lizard ever made on PS5

In a recent interview on Blog PlayStationthe senior art director at Insomniac Games, Jacinda Chewrevealed how the PS5 enabled Insomniac to create a believable and realistic version of the villain Lizard as a reptile in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2.

“We analyzed many lizard skins during our research. In real life, the truth is that lizards’ skin is very dry. Most people who saw our Lizard said it wasn’t slimy enough. So we used a reference to what people expect a lizard to look like… He has lizard skin, but it’s much shinier than it would be on a real lizard.”

“We also put thorns in it. For design references, I tried to look at (real) lizards that looked more prehistoric, as some lizards are actually kind of cute. I looked for snake-like references, thornier and more aggressive. We also wanted more animalistic eyes. If you look at cats, their pupils get bigger at night. We made eyes like this for him… When the light hits his eyes, they look smaller, but the eyes are just reacting to the light. We did a lot of research to find out how to make this happen in real time on PS5.”

Spider-Man 2

Furthermore, Chew revealed that the sequel will also address two forms for the reptilian villain.

In short, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 hits the market on October 20, 2023 exclusively on PS5. Our Game Review will be available from 11 am (BRT) today (16) on our website and at our YouTube channel.


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