PS5 Exclusive: Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 Unveils Two Exciting New Costumes

PlayStation and Marvel revealed at New York Comic-Con 2023 two new overalls for Spider-Man’s Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Let’s talk about Brooklyn 2099 and Kumo Suits. You can see X’s post shared below.

Creative director Bryan Intihar took to the stage alongside artists Taurin Clarke (who designed the Brooklyn 2099 Suit) and Peach Momoko (creator of the Kumo Suit). Speaking about their ideas on the suits, Clark said they opted for a “runner’s material”, choosing a flat, matte black. Some “shine” has been added to the game which, in his opinion, is “extremely neat and beautiful”.

As for the all of Cuma (Kumo means Spider in Japanese), Momoko took a “very careful approach,” with her sleeves featuring traditional Japanese-style tattoos. Each arm has different tattoos, with a back tattoo resembling a spider. Her design is very much in line with her Demon Days series, which depicts the stories of the X-Men characters in the style of Japanese fairy tales.

The other suits from Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The Night of Brooklyn 2099 in Marvel's Spider-Man
The Night of Brooklyn 2099 in Marvel’s Spider-Man

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will include many suits inside. We will also be able to customize them in terms of color, so as to adapt them to our taste as much as possible. Some of them are also pre-order exclusives.

Furthermore, a leak has revealed all the costumes present in the PS5 game. In general, there are various spoilers related to Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 in circulation, so if you don’t want to risk discovering important details in advance, we advise you to be careful.


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