PS5 ‘Slim’ Official Price in Indonesia Starts from 8 Million Rupiah

If we talk about Indonesia, of course the PlayStation console has dominated from the past until now. It’s not surprising that each generation often creates so much hype. For those of you who don’t have a PS5, this could be the right time because the “slim” model will be officially released in Indonesia in the near future and the official price has been announced.

First announced some time ago, Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) has finally made it official announce PS5 price with a slimmer model in Indonesia. Here are the price details:

PS5 ‘Slim’ Official Price in Indonesia Starts from 8 Million Rupiah

Official price of PS5 “Slim” in Indonesia

  • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive – IDR 9,699,000
  • PS5 Digital Edition – IDR 8,199,000

Official prices for “Slim” PS5 accessories in Indonesia

  • Blu-ray disc drive – IDR 1,839,000
  • Vertical Stand – IDR 499,000

Now you no longer need to worry about playing PS5 digitally or on physical CD. For this new PS5 model, Sony Interactive Entertainment will add a pluggable/removable Ultra HD Blu-Ray disc drive. This component comes pre-installed on the PS5 Slim Standard but is also sold separately for the Digital version.

Another important thing to know is that Sony designed the PS5 Slim to be used in a horizontal position, aka lying down and on its side. But if you prefer your PS5 to “stand” next to your television, you can buy a new stand separately.


Sony Interactive Entertainment said that the PS5 with a slimmer model will be released in the United States first in November. Then, it was followed in other countries such as Southeast Asia a few months later. So, gamers can expect that it will probably only be released in Indonesia around the end of 2023.

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It should be emphasized that Sony Interactive Entertainment has also confirmed that the old PS5 will no longer be released and this “slim” version will be the next successor. Interested in proposing?

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