PS5 Unveils Compact Design and Enhanced Storage

Video game fans, more specifically PlayStation, have reason to celebrate, as Sony announced this Tuesday, October 10, the launch of a new model of the PS5, 30% smaller and bringing a series of improvements and innovations to suit to the needs of players.

The announcement was made by blog do PlayStation.

Compact design

  • One of the most visible changes to the new PS5 is the compact and elegant design.
  • This new model had its volume reduced by more than 30% and its weight by 18% and 24% compared to previous models.
  • It maintains the same look, with four separate panels on the lid.
  • The top has a glossy finish, while the bottom has a matte finish.
  • Additionally, a variety of cap colors will be available soon, including an all-matte black option and colors from the Deep Earth collection, which include Volcanic Red, Cobalt Blue and Sterling Silver.
  • This allows gamers to customize their PS5 to their taste and style.
  • The new model arrives in the traditional version with reader, and also in the digital edition.

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Improved storage capacity

One of the most significant improvements in the new PS5 is the improved storage capacity. This model comes with a 1TB SSD, which means more space for games, apps and multimedia content. This is great news for gamers who want to maintain a large library of titles without worrying about storage space.

Additionally, the new PS5 Digital Edition model offers the option to add an Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive, ensuring gamers have the flexibility to choose what’s best for their entertainment needs.

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Image: Sony

Hardware Specifications

The new PS5 maintains the hardware specifications of its predecessor. The console is powered by an x86-64-AMD Ryzen™ “Zen 2” CPU with 8 cores and 16 threads, offering a variable frequency of up to 3.5 GHz. The GPU is based on AMD Radeon™ RDNA 2 technology, with Ray Tracing acceleration and a variable frequency of up to 2.23 GHz, providing a processing capacity of 10.3 TFLOPS.

16GB GDDR6 system memory with a bandwidth of 448GB/s ensures games run smoothly and efficiently. Additionally, the new PS5 supports 4K 120Hz TVs, 8K TVs, and VRR (Variable Refresh Rate) thanks to the HDMI ver.2.1 specification.

Availability and price

According to Sony, the new PS5 model will soon be available in Brazil, with a price not yet confirmed. Once stock of the current PS5 model runs out, the new model will be the only one available for sale.

Image: Sony

The new PS5 arrives in November in the United States and Sony has released suggested prices there and in other locations.

  • USA:
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray Disc Drive — $499.99
    • PS5 Digital Edition — US$ 449,99
  • Europa:
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive — €549.99
    • PS5 Digital Edition — € 449,99
  • United Kingdom:
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive — £479.99
    • PS5 Digital Edition — £ 389,99
  • Japan:
    • PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray disc drive — ¥66,980 (with tax)
    • PS5 Digital Edition — ¥59,980 (with tax)

Considering the price in dollars, the version with a disc drive maintains the launch price of the original PS5, as the value announced in 2020 was also US$499. The digital edition was more expensive, going from US$399 at launch in 2020, to US$449.00.

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The prices announced in 2020 for the Brazilian market were R$4499 for the Digital Edition and R$4999 for the PS5 with Ultra HD Blu-ray player.

A horizontal base will be included in the new PS5 model. Additionally, a new vertical stand compatible with all PS5 models will be sold separately for $29.99, €29.99, £24.99 and £3,980 in these respective markets. The price of the base in Brazil was also not disclosed.