Recapping 4Gamer’s Eventful Week: October 9th – October 15th, 2023

Recapping 4Gamer’s Eventful Week: October 9th – October 15th, 2023

The climax series has begunOctober 9~October 15, 2023,The article published on 4Gamer is243 pieceswas. It seems that matsutake mushrooms are in poor production nationwide, but I’ve never eaten them so I’m fine with it. The Weekly 4Gamer corner has started again today.Speaking of last week’s topic, what?New PlayStation 5will appear. The PS5 first appeared in November 2020, and there have been minor changes since then, but this is the first time a model change has been implemented. Ah, it’s already been three years. As for the PlayStation 4, the PlayStation 4 Pro was released about three years after its release, so many people may have expected it.
The new model has a main body that is over 30%slimstorage starts from 825GB1TBincreased to,Ultra HD Blu-ray disc driveIt seems that it is now removable. The basic specifications remain unchanged.
Regarding PS5 connections, as mentioned in the article “here”, there is an accessibility controller kit for PS5.“Access Controller”A video introducing it has been released.

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A video introducing the behind-the-scenes development of the PS5

SIE is an accessibility controller kit for PS5 scheduled to be released on December 6, 2023.“Access Controller”ofVideo introducing behind-the-scenes development and a wide range of customization elementswas published. Official accessory kit that can be used by connecting to 4 expansion terminals.「Logitech G Adaptive Gaming Kit」is also introduced.

[2023/10/13 12:13]

So, let’s take a look back at the past week for 4Gamer and the global gaming industry. I did it!

*Hereinafter, PlayStation will be abbreviated as PS, Nintendo Switch as Switch, smartphone as smartphone, etc.

Last week’s access ranking

Well, last week’s access ranking top 10,No. 1As I wrote at the beginning, I got it right away.New PS5It was the news. I posted it on Wednesday, and it’s been at the top of the rankings ever since, which is amazing. Please look forward to further updates on the November 10th release date.

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No. 2The news was that a demo version of “Japanese Drift Master”, a racing game being developed by Gaming Factory, has been released. It was published on Sunday, so technically it was an article from the week before last, but it continued to attract the attention of readers. As the title suggests,Japanon the stagedrift racingIt is a game that you can enjoy, and there is also something interesting about “Polish’s Image of Japan”. The game looks very good, so if you’re interested, please download the demo version.

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andNo. 3was the latest edition of the irregular series “Zenji Nishikawa’s 3D Game Ecstasy”.New XR head mounted display finally released「Meta Quest 3」Writer Zenji Nishikawa provides a thorough explanation. 4Gamer seems to be an international fan, as I heard he had a lot of in-depth discussions at Meta’s headquarters in Menlo Park, California.

[Last week’s access ranking details]

Last week’s popular title ranking

Now, last week, Play Report ranked in the top 10 for the most read game title.“Lord of the Fallen”(PC / PS5 / Xbox Series X|S / PS4). A reboot version of the title of the same name released in 2014, this is a dark fantasy action RPG where you fight to stop the resurrection of a demon god. Moreover, the battle difficulty level is higher than that of Souls-like, and recent trends are incorporated. The graphics are beautiful and seem to have attracted a lot of attention from readers.

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No. 3“Legendary Creatures 2” is a roguelike title of monster breeding and auto battle, in which players explore randomly generated maps, raise collected monsters, and aim to subjugate the Demon King.tomorrowOctober 17this scheduled to be released, but a demo version is also available on Steam, so if you are interested, please download it.

Even so, I was ranked for the first time in a long time.No. 4It was “Animal Crossing: New Horizons”. As stated here,“Lego Animal Crossing”was announced, and as reported in the article here,“Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing Set ~Shizue Aloha Pattern~”and“Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing Set ~Mamekichi & Tsubukichi Aloha Pattern~”The release of was announced. It’s a long title.

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“LEGO Animal Crossing: New Horizons” will be released on March 1, 2024. A total of 5 types of sets are available, including “Shizue-san, Welcome to Home”

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Lego Japan announced today (October 11, 2023) that Nintendo will“Animal Crossing” seriesA new product in collaboration with“Lego Animal Crossing”announced that it will be sold at stores that carry LEGO products nationwide on March 1, 2024. This time, a total of 5 types of sets will be available, including “Shizue-san, Welcome to Home”.

[2023/10/11 11:18]

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Nintendo Switch Lite with

Nintendo announced today (October 12, 2023),“Animal Crossing: New Horizons”with the design of“Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing Set ~Shizue Aloha Pattern~”as well as“Nintendo Switch Lite Animal Crossing Set ~Mamekichi & Tsubukichi Aloha Pattern~”announced that it will be released on November 3rd. The price is 22,980 yen each (tax included).

[2023/10/12 11:33]

[Last week’s featured title ranking details]

Last week’s featured articles

As usual, this time we are focusing on play reports, event reports, and interviews.“X-Plane 12” announced by ZOO on October 13th is a commercial aircraft flight simulator that is ranked alongside the “Microsoft Flight Simulator” series.「X-Plane」The latest in the series. Its distinctive feature is its high level of realism, and it has even been used as a simulator for actual pilots. Frasim fans can’t miss it.

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Also, the CEO of Wargaming, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary,Victor KislyiWriter Masaaki Tokuoka is listening to the story. It’s pretty rough, but there’s also information on new releases.

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[Interview]Which team will reach LoL's

Starting today, October 10, 2023, the most exciting month of the year will be the League of Legend world tournament.“Worlds 2023” beginsdo.This time I will be providing commentary and commentary on LJL.katsudion and RecruitWe asked him to tell us about the highlights of this year’s Worlds.

[2023/10/10 08:00]

–Posted on October 10th

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[Play Report]A Metroidvania with open world elements!? A new stage appears in the second demo version of “Venture to the Vile”

Aniplex plans to release it in 2024「Venture to the Vile」is an action game in which the main character wears a deer mask and fights in a dark world. In line with the “Steam Next Festival” that has been held since yesterday,New demo version releasedSo, I would like to bring you a play report.

[2023/10/10 14:55]

–Posted on October 10th

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A dungeon construction and management sim reminiscent of the masterpiece “Dungeon Keeper” that appeared in the 1990s.“Dungeons 4”. This work, which is scheduled to be released on November 9th, has a structure in which a “demon lord” defeats a “hero,” and the story has a strong twist. The director of this work emphasized the appeal of this work.

[2023/10/10 12:00]

–Posted on October 10th

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[Play Report]The long-awaited PS5 version of “Collapse: Star Rail” is finally released today!It's great that the characters move beautifully and smoothly.

Today, Space Fantasy RPG“Collapse: Star Rail”ofPlayStation 5 versionhas been officially released. Prior to the release of the PS5 version, I had the opportunity to participate in a “technical test” held in September, so I would like to tell you about the play feel and the points I learned from playing it carefully.

[2023/10/11 12:00]

–Posted on October 11th

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Opening on October 17, 2023 in Kyoto, the birthplace of Nintendo“Nintendo KYOTO”ofPreview reportLet’s bring it to you. This is Nintendo’s official store, where you can not only shop, but also enjoy the “theme park”-like fun of looking at the carefully selected products on display.

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[2023/10/12 17:51]

–Posted on October 12th

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This Saturday and Sunday, let's explore new products with the trial version! We have picked up 6 trial versions of the October 2023 edition of

An event where a large number of trial versions of various new titles will be released on the digital distribution service “Steam”「Steam Next Fest October 2023 Edition」is being held. In this article, we will introduce some of the trial versions that we played around with at the start of the event.Introducing selected titles that can be played in JapaneseI will do it.

[2023/10/12 09:00]

–Posted on October 12th

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[Play Report]

Sega today (October 13, 2023) released titles compatible with Meta Quest.“Samba DE Amigo: Virtual Party”was released. Playable with Meta Quest 3 and Meta Quest Pro,MR (mixed reality) compatible modeLet’s report.

[2023/10/13 13:00]

–Posted on October 13th

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The Japanese version of the flight simulator

Zoo today (October 13, 2023) flight simulator“X-Plane 12” Japanese package versionofNovember 17thIt was announced that it would be released on. This work is the latest in the “X-Plane” flight simulator series that pursues a realistic flight experience. It includes more than 17,000 airports around the world, including Frankfurt am Main International Airport, and eight new aircraft have been added.

[2023/10/13 10:00]

–Posted on October 13th

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[Review]The successor to the popular wireless mouse

Logitech G brand mouse for gamers「PRO X SUPERLIGHT 2 Wireless Gaming Mouse」It went on sale in Japan today. It is the successor to the lightweight wireless mouse “PRO I received a test machine and will be providing a review.

[2023/10/13 08:00]

–Posted on October 13th

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[Interview]We asked the CEO of Wargaming, which is celebrating its 25th anniversary, about a wide range of topics, from new releases to war response.

Wargaming is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. However, the global situation in recent years has been extremely difficult for Wargaming, which had development bases in three countries: Russia, Belarus, and Ukraine. The company’s “withdrawal from the Russian and Belarusian markets” has been in the news, but what was behind this swift and important decision? We asked CEO Victor Kislyi.

[2023/10/14 12:00]

–Posted on October 14th

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An event held in Sapporo, Hokkaido from October 6th to 8th, 2023 by Sapporo City and 13 game companies based in Sapporo.「Sapporo Game Camp 2023」Let’s bring you the report. More than 100 people participatedgame jamLeading the way,Program aimed at fostering creators and revitalizing the industrywas held for 3 days.

[2023/10/14 08:00]

–Posted on October 14th

and gift corner

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“Blade and Soul 2” goods set

……2 persons(Provided by NC Japan)

This week’s gift is an MMORPG currently in service by NCSOFT.“Blade and Soul 2”(PC/iOS/Android) novelty goods2 personsTo.

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Thumbnail image of image collection No.026 / Thumbnail image of image collection No.025 /

There are various things in the black box.That’s it, I’m going to get angry, so I’ll introduce it first.chopsticks and chopstick rest. You can eat food while playing.Then, there is a serial code written on the back that will give you an in-game item.premium item card,andsmartphone gripandamulet,andmobile usb cableThis is a luxurious lineup. All of them include character illustrations from “Blade and Soul 2”, so if you’re a fan, you won’t want to miss them.

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“Blade and Soul 2”, which officially began service in Japan in August 2023, is a work that combines martial arts and science fiction fantasy, allowing you to enjoy exciting action while exploring a beautifully drawn world. Features. As mentioned in the article “here”, an update was carried out on October 11th, and the event dungeon“Lakeside with falling stars”In addition to reappearing, login event“7-day gift of military evolution”has started, and the balance of martial arts has also been adjusted.
So please feel free to apply.

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NCSOFT today announced that MMORPG“Blade and Soul 2”inMartial arts balance adjustmentUpdates have been made including.In addition, world participatory events“Time for the decisive battle: Half Moon Lake”It was announced that the event will be held on October 14th and bossThe aim is to compete with players from other servers in order to defeat the enemy.

[2023/10/11 16:36]

To apply for the giveaway, please proceed to the application form from the link below, fill out all fields, and click the send button. Duplicate applications may result in your winnings being invalidated. The deadline isOctober 19, 2023 17:00is.
The winners will beOctober 23rd (planned)We plan to announce the names registered in the application form (handle names are acceptable) and prefectures.
The gift will be sent within 1 to 2 weeks to the address entered at the time of application. Please note that depending on the prize, it may take time (about 1 month) to ship.
Please note that we cannot respond to any inquiries regarding confirmation of shipping date, identity verification, winning results, etc.