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In August 2023, Free Range Gamesan independent developer, together with the publisher North Beach Gamesannounced the release date of their long-awaited cooperative survival and crafting title, The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria. Although we at mmoingame did not initially cover the announcement, we are now seeking to rectify that omission. The game will be released digitally for PlayStation 5 and PC via the Epic Games Store on October 24. Additionally, a physical version for the PS5 is scheduled for release at retail stores on December 5. The game is also expected to be available for Xbox Series X|S consoles in early 2024.

¿Qué ofrece The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria?

Set in the Fourth Age of Middle-earth, the epic fantasy world created by JRR Tolkien, the game follows the Dwarves on their quest to reclaim and restore their dwarven homeland of Moria, also known as Khazad-dûm or Dwarrowdelf. Summoned to the Misty Mountains by Lord Gimli Lockbearer, players take control of a company of Dwarves tasked with recovering the lost treasures of Moria. Their mission will require strength and teamwork, as they must delve deep into the Mines of Moria to recover their treasures.

The game takes place in a procedurally generated dwarf kingdom of Moria, meaning no two adventures will be the same. Players can choose to venture alone or online with companions. Mining is a key activity for crafting equipment and resources, but players must be careful as the noise generated could awaken the dangers that lie deep below. Players will have the opportunity to explore the mysteries of three legendary mountains, mine precious metals and face unspeakable forces to discover the secret of the Shadow hidden within.

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Key features of the game include the chance to experience the Brotherhood of Dwarves like never before, with the rich lore of JRR Tolkien’s fantasy world woven into the game. To survive in the treacherous mines of Moria, players must conserve resources, search and gather food, and manage their sleep, temperature, and noise levels. They will also be able to build bases, restore the ancient kingdom of Khazad-dûm to its former glory, discover ancient magical artifacts, establish mines to unearth deposits of precious resources, and customize their Dwarf in the game’s character creator.

The game also offers online cooperative multiplayer with capacity for up to eight players, and allows players to craft and loot legendary dwarven armor, tools, weapons, and structures. Players can rebuild ancient forges to strengthen, repair and enchant their equipment, and discover ancient magical items, including swords that glow when orcs are nearby, maps of dormant Mithril veins, and amulets that grant strength or wisdom.

Developed by Free Range Games and published by North Beach Games, The Lord of the Rings: Return to Moria will be released on October 24 for Windows PC via the Epic Games Store and PlayStation 5, and is expected to arrive on Xbox consoles Series X|S in early 2024.

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