Release Date, Pricing, Trailer, and Gameplay Information for Rooted

Excitement is building in the gaming world for Rooted, a new survival horror game from Headlight Studio. In this game, players will dive into a post-apocalyptic world where survival is a constant challenge.

The Alpha version is set to debut on September 4, 2023, and while the pricing details are still under wraps, the released trailers provide a teaser into the eerie landscapes players will explore.

With a focus on exploration, scavenging, and crafting, Rooted promises an engaging mix of challenges and discoveries. Let’s explore the details of its launch, pricing, trailers, and gameplay, uncovering the thrills that await in this gripping adventure.

Rooted Release Date

The Alpha version of Rooted is slated for release on Monday, September 4, 2023, at 2:00 PM CEST, and will be available on Steam and the Epic Games Store.

Following the Alpha, a Closed Beta is planned for the fourth quarter of 2023. Furthermore, players can look forward to Early Access on Steam in the spring of 2024offering a glimpse into the terrifying yet intriguing world of Rooted much before the full game’s release.

Rooted Game PS5 Release Date
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Rooted Price

The price of the game “Rooted” is not publicly available as of now. The game had a Kickstarter campaign where it raised $120,058, which may suggest a level of pricing for early backers or special editions but doesn’t provide a standard retail price.

The developers mentioned in their official FAQS“It is still too early to give a price for the game. We are focused on development, while also developing our relationships with potential partners who have contacted us. We are currently discussing various topics including pricing with these potential partners. We need to wait until we have more concrete information about partnerships and financing before we can announce an approximate price.”

Rooted Trailer

YouTube video

Rooted Premise

Set in a near-future scenario around the year 2100, players will traverse through the remnants of a civilization shattered by global bacteriological warfare.

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As one of the few survivors, players must adapt, explore, and craft to improve their living conditions amidst overgrown vegetation and dilapidated buildings, reminiscent of scenes from notable titles like The Last of Us or Days Gone.

However, unlike those titles, Rooted introduces players to a world without the undead, but with AI-controlled survivors, adding a unique twist to the survival narrative.

Rooted Gameplay

In the chaotic new world, you need to create your own camp to stay alive. It’s crucial to build it by yourself and use hydraulics and electricity. In the forest, you must get water and food, gather plants, create medicine, and set up defenses because you’re not the only one out there.

In this forest, you’ll face challenges from bears, wolves, and unfriendly people, either alone or in groups. You can train animals to be your companions and customize your weapons to protect yourself. You can also boost your safety by using robots and drones, but beware, your enemies may have them too.

Once you’re well-prepared, you can venture into bigger cities to find and use valuable items from the old civilization, like clothes and electronic gadgets. Stay vigilant, though, as other humans may also be after these treasures.

Is Rooted PVE or PVP?

Rooted is primarily focused on Player versus Environment (PVE) gameplay, which can be enjoyed either solo or cooperatively with friends. In this game, players are engaged in surviving, exploring, salvaging, and building within their environment.

The developers initially concentrated on delivering a robust PVE experience, particularly emphasizing single-player and cooperative modes. However, due to community interest, the developers have also been working towards incorporating Player versus Player (PVP) elements into the game.

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Initially, they considered introducing a basic PVP mode by enabling friendly fire. This way, when players create a server, they have the option to turn on friendly fire, thus activating a form of PVP gameplay, albeit not as extensive as some might expect in MMOs with larger player counts.

Moreover, the developers revealed plans to expand PVP features, including adapting the game map to better accommodate PVP modes and the possibility of hosting these modes on dedicated servers.

This indicates a trajectory towards enriching the PVP aspect of the game in response to player demand, although PVE remains the core focus.

This is everything you need to know about Rooted Survival Horror Game. Additionally, you can check our guide on other horror games like Alan Wake 2. Stay connected with to get the latest news and guides about the gaming world.