Respec in Lords of the Fallen: A Guide on How to Do It

If you’re unhappy with your current build in Lords of the Fallen or simply want to try something new, you’re going to want to respec your stats. By taking advantage of this feature, you can refund all of the skill points you’ve earned by leveling up past your starting level. This allows you to completely reshape your character with a different set of attributes.

There’s a catch, though. Only one NPC in the game is capable of helping you respec, and you’ll need to acquire an extremely rare item before you can. Thankfully, we’ve put together a full breakdown of the respec process in the guide below for your convenience. This includes everything you need to know about who performs respecs for you, as well as where you can get the item you need each time you want to do one.

How to respec in Lords of the Fallen

(Image credit: Windows Central)

To respec your stats in Lords of the Fallen, you’ll need to speak with none other than Pieta, She of Blessed Renewal — the game’s tutorial boss that becomes your ally after you defeat her. While she’s mainly responsible for upgrading your Sanguinarix with Saintly Quintessences you bring her, HexWorks also put her on respec duty. Talk with her and select Reset Build to perform a respec.