Review 2023: A Critique of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

In both the movie industry and the gaming industry, there are two ways to approach a sequel. The first way is to try to introduce more new ideas, change mechanics and generally shuffle the deck. The second and safer option is to keep the same recipe, but give it more intensity. This is exactly the approach adopted by Insomniac Games in Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 and manages to present us a truly explosive adventure with two protagonists and a double dose of action!

Review 2023: A Critique of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

The new chapter of the series finds Miles Morales in the role of student and Peter Parker in the role of teacher, both figuratively and literally. New York now has two… friendly neighbors who take it upon themselves to protect her from any threat and who don’t hesitate to put their personal lives aside to defend what is just and good in this world. This time their mission is even more difficult, as they must protect their city from the maniac Kraven the Hunter and his technologically advanced army, but also from an organization of heretics.

Marvel’s Spider-Man 2’s writing remains light and humorous, but it still aptly touches on several social issues, such as the environmental crisis, and there are several moments where the atmosphere is so heavy that it’s impossible not to touch your heartstrings. In addition, the screenwriters manage to bring out even more unknown aspects of the personalities of the central characters of the story, through various flashback missions. We also saw with a good eye the return of some characters from the previous chapters of the series and DLCs of Spider-Man. In other words, the new chapter closes several of the open accounts of the past and gives us the opportunity to see how the story of various secondary characters develops.

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As far as the gameplay is concerned, there are no radical changes, but there are some additions to the traversal mechanics and the battle system. In the case of traversal, we have the addition of Web Wings, which allow your heroes to hover, but also take advantage of the air currents blowing through the city to move at a higher speed or fly over the sea. If you complete enough optional missions in an area you’ll also unlock fast travel, but honestly it’s so much fun flying over the buildings that we didn’t find it because of it. However, in the few times we used it we saw the power of the PlayStation 5’s custom SSD, as transitioning from one region to another was seamless with no intervening load times.

Another interesting addition is Web Lines, which allow you to create makeshift “bridges” out of spider webs. Your heroes can move over this web and perform stealth takedowns. If you even unlock the relevant skill, you will be able to defeat two enemies at once.

The combat system follows the exact same logic, that is to avoid the attacks of your opponents and perform elaborate combos, to fill the relevant meter and use a finisher or heal. All the moves that were in the previous chapters are here as well, so if you had played the first Spider-Man or Miles Morales you will acclimatize very quickly. Of course, each character has separate skills, but also several gadgets at their disposal. The degree of challenge is noticeably increased, as there are cases where you are called upon to face up to 15 enemies at the same time and indeed several of them can be Brutes, snipers or even flying mechanical birds. The series has always offered hearty doses of adrenaline, but here the experience is truly unprecedented and requires lightning-fast reflexes to stay alive unless you’re playing on the lowest difficulty level.

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To be able to upgrade your gadgets, but also to unlock new outfits and new skills, you will need to spend enough time on the game’s optional missions. These include the standard, boring and highly repetitive crime missions, in which you are asked to prevent robberies, chase cars or put out fires, and some missions related to the collection of various collectibles. There are some more categories, but we won’t go into them to avoid spoilers. And since we mentioned the uniforms, let’s add that there are literally dozens of them. But your abilities are the same no matter what outfit you wear, your stats generally don’t change, as we saw in the first chapter of the series.

On the technical side, Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 is truly impressive and seems to be taking full advantage of the system’s horsepower. Regardless of whether you choose Fidelity Mode (4K/30fps) or Performance Mode (4K/60fps), the frame rate remains stable even in the most explosive action sequences. It’s also worth noting that both modes support 120Hz and VRR. Most of our playthrough took place in Performance Mode, however we also tried Fidelity Mode and were truly blown away by the detailed texture filtering, massive draw distance, and impressive use of ray tracing techniques.

The title also takes advantage of the special features (adaptive triggers and haptic feedback) of DualSense, the PS5 controller. Although in most cases we are talking about gimmicks and not about any really essential effect, the goal is achieved since the tactile feedback noticeably increases the immersion.

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The review was based on the digital version of the game, which was provided to us by Sony Hellas.


Insomniac Games gives even more intensity to its successful recipe, giving us an excellent sequel that will undoubtedly satisfy fans of Spidey and superhero stories. Armed with its technical expertise, stunning visuals, high-octane action and a riveting script, Spider-Man 2 is the best chapter in the series and promises to be a thrilling experience.