Review and Impressions of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”: Unveiling Venom and Unleashing Incredible Synergy between Two Spider-Men!

“Marvel’s Spider-Man 2” is a PS5 software scheduled to be released on October 20, 2023. We will deliver a review of this work, which is a sequel to “Marvel’s Spider-Man” released in 2018 and “Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales” released in 2020.

  • Review and Impressions of “Marvel’s Spider-Man 2”: Unveiling Venom and Unleashing Incredible Synergy between Two Spider-Men!

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Needless to say, this is a work where you can experience the activities of Spider-Man, a famous Marvel hero in Japan, and you can enjoy the unique story line of this work, which is different from comics and movies. The first movie had Peter Parker as the main character, and the second movie had Miles Morales as the main character, but in this work you can control both protagonists, making it possible to run around the streets of New York with two Spider-Men. became.

Prior to its release, SIE provided us with the game code, so we would like to introduce the appeal of this work as a preliminary review.

In addition, in this work, you can optionally switch between a “fidelity reproduction” mode that prioritizes graphic processing and a “performance priority” mode that prioritizes performance, and some of the photos used in this article are I am using images taken in “reproduction” mode.

A must-see story in which the thoughts of various people intertwine in New York, which became Craven’s hunting ground!

Spider-Man, also known as “Dear Neighbor,” is a New York-based superhero who solves violent crimes and people’s troubles. The story progresses centering on the perspectives of Peter Parker, the first Spider-Man, and Miles Morales, the second Spider-Man, and leads to confrontations with numerous villains.

The appeal of this series is that it not only depicts the glamorous aspects of being a hero, but also depicts the worries and conflicts of humans such as Peter and Miles.

Speaking of Peter Parker, in many Spider-Man works he starts out as a student, but in this series he is already a working adult from the time he appears. In this work, Spider-Man has already had a long career as a Spider-Man, and while he is showing stable activity, there is also a side of him that is thinking about what he originally wanted to do – use science to help people.

Although he has a good relationship with his girlfriend MJ, he has troubles as a hero, such as having difficulty finding time to meet Peter because she is busy as a journalist and Peter has difficulty finding free time because he is Spider-Man. I am.

Morales, another Spider-Man, is also struggling with his studies. In addition, he has developed dark feelings towards Martin Lee (Mr. Negative), who caused the incident that killed his father, and it is sometimes shown that his anger is eating away at his heart.

This work depicts the conflicts that arise between these heroes and the rest of their lives, and you can enjoy the story of their growth and how they deal with it.

What we must not forget is how the villain will be involved in the story. As shown in the story trailer, the main villains of this work are Kraven the Hunter and Venom. Venom in particular is well known in Japan, and I think many people have been looking forward to its appearance. Craven is also a trendy character with a standalone movie scheduled for 2024.

First of all, there is Craven, a hunter who is passionate about hunting mighty prey, and comes to New York with the aim of hunting down “certain prey.” In order to hunt down his prey, he mobilizes a large number of his subordinates…commonly known as “hunters”. The city is thrown into chaos by hunters who will stop at nothing to secure their prey.

Venom appeared in a different way than Kraven. Those who have watched any work in which Venom appears may know that Venom’s body is a parasitic life form called a symbiote.

The trailer shows Spider-Man wearing a black suit attacking with tentacles derived from Venom. Apart from that, since he also has a solid appearance as Venom, I predicted that Spider-Man would become parasitic to the symbiote and eventually leave. I haven’t actually read it, but it seems like there was a similar flow in the comics, so I got the impression that they chose the classic way to appear.

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Actually, that assumption was not wrong, but it was still “Marvel’s Spider-Man” space-time. I will definitely include original elements. I won’t go into details about this part of the story because I want you to experience it, but as you play, you’ll gradually get a sense of how Venom appeared, and that’s why the development of the story really grabs your heart. It felt like.

By the way, they are not the only villains that appear, Sandman and Lizard also appear. They also have their own ideas, and it will be interesting to see what kind of answers Spider-Man will give them.

I originally felt that I was particular about the depiction of characters in this series, but I felt that the story had more depth by depicting the relationships between the two Spider-Men, Peter and Miles, and the people around them. Masu.

Of course, you can enjoy the game even if you start with this game, but there are many characters that have appeared in the previous game or the one before it, so you’ll be able to fully enjoy the story of this game if you play the previous games as well.

The high level of perfection of the action is guaranteed! You can fly around New York with Spider-Man-like movements!

The highlight of Marvel’s Spider-Man is the exhilarating action! The “web swing” that is synonymous with Spider-Man, in which he shoots threads from his wrist and swings between buildings, is extremely pleasant on its own, and there is no other game where movement is so much fun.

The skyline of Manhattan, with its many skyscrapers, goes well with Web Swing, and the sense of speed as the scenery flows backwards at high speed will make you addicted once you play the game.

Furthermore, from this work, “web wings” are added that have a membrane developed on the sides of the suit that allows it to glide. This makes it possible to travel long distances while maintaining altitude, even in open areas with no tall buildings nearby, and improves comfort.

In areas where strong winds blow, such as between buildings, you can use the web wings to catch the wind and fly at high speed, and you can also increase your altitude by catching the rising air currents, which makes traveling more fun. Double! The map itself is larger than before, but the movement action is more refined, making long-distance travel a breeze.

Although there is a limitation in fast traveling to each district in that you have to solve some cases in that area to unlock it, it is hardly a problem since the movement is comfortable in the first place. In fact, in addition to the fun of traveling itself, there are many interesting detours such as incidents and collectibles that you come across while traveling, so I personally don’t generally use fast travel.

As a side note, one of the features of the PS5’s DualSense wireless controller is a function called adaptive triggers, which changes the weight of the triggers according to the in-game situation. In this work, this function is mainly used during web-based actions, and the weight of web swings in particular gives a real sense of realism, so be sure to give it a try.

The battle system follows the previous ones, so if you have experience with the series, you should be able to play the game with the same feel. In addition to Spider-Man’s unique physical techniques that allow him to spin around his enemies, the game is packed with actions such as restraining enemies with web shooters and stealing their weapons, making battles a feast for the eyes.

Speaking of which, I would like to point out that there are already a large number of actions that can be performed from the initial state. If you are a first-time player in the series, it may be a good idea to check the skill list in the menu and gradually get used to the special actions.

Peter and Miles have different abilities, but even common actions such as normal attacks reflect their respective personalities and give a sense of the fine detail of their techniques.

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Miles, the main character of the previous work, had an electrical discharge ability called Venom Power (*not related to the villain Venom), which differentiated him from Peter in his actions. Attacks using Venom power are still alive and well in this work, and Miles’ unique fighting style is more powerful than Peter’s.

In addition, in this work, it is possible to attack using a different type of Venom power “Evolve Venom” that you will obtain in the game! You can wield powerful powers such as chain-electrocuting distant enemies with blue-white lightning or pulling multiple enemies together. Miles’ strength is that enemies damaged by Venom Power will be stunned for a certain period of time, making it easy to fight against multiple opponents.

Peter, on the other hand, does more than just fly the web. In addition to his ability to overwhelm enemies by deploying a spider arm that extends and retracts from his back, he can also perform techniques using the aforementioned symbiote-derived tentacles, allowing you to enjoy a different way of fighting than Miles.

Once you use these abilities, there is a cooldown time, so you cannot use them continuously, but there are no other conditions for using them, so the point is that you can use them actively. Not only does it add some flair to the action, but it also looks flashy, so it works as a spice to enjoy the battle even more.

In addition, there are various attack methods such as super special moves that charge up the gauge and attacks that use gadgets, so there is a wide range of ways to fight! Depending on the enemy, you need to make full use of defensive actions such as evasion or parrying, so it was challenging to know that not all enemies were easy to defeat.

He has a “spider sense” that allows him to sense danger, so it’s easy to know when to dodge, but if you’re too focused on attacking, you can still end up taking damage. As Spider-Man, I want to fight with a clever attitude and a broad perspective so that I can always crack a joke (lol).

Basically, you often have to fight against countless enemies at the same time, and the battlefield is quite hectic as shots are fired from a long distance. Only in this work can you experience the pleasure of using the web and gadgets to create Spider-Man-like movements!

In some cases, it is also possible to take out enemies by stealth. In missions that start with an invasion, the enemy will not be able to detect you, and you can secretly restrain the enemy from above.

In this game, you can create web scaffolding with some degree of freedom using the “web line”. As imagined in movies, it can also move by sticking to walls and ceilings, so I feel that the flexibility of stealth has become quite high. By the way, Miles may be better at stealth missions than Peter because he has a camouflage ability that allows him to blend into the background for a certain period of time.

Naturally, you can’t control both Peter and Miles at the same time, but depending on the mission, there are some missions where the two fight together, and in those cases it’s possible to see them attack together. Perhaps it’s been a long time since Miles started studying with Peter, so the two of them are a perfect fit. As Spider-Man, his sense of humor was perfect, and even in the middle of a tense battle, I couldn’t help but smile as I felt a bond of trust between him that made me happy.

Enjoy the activities easily and have fun exploring the city! Also pay attention to the number of suits that have increased!

Spider-Man’s job is to crack down on crimes that occur on a daily basis in New York and help people in trouble. Especially since the hunt for Kraven began, attacks by hunters have increased, and citizens in various places are in need of help.

The activities incorporate elements of resolving these troubles and restoring peace to each section. There are also collectible elements such as taking New York-style photos at photo spots and collecting containers and spider bots scattered around.

There are some activities that can only be accessed by either Peter or Miles due to the setting of the story, but you can switch instantly by pressing a button on-site, so it’s almost stress-free.

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However, some people may find the collection elements of open world games to be a bit of a hassle. No matter what I say, I’m one of those people too.

However, the activities and collection elements of this work are an exception! One reason is ease of visibility. With the setting that it is displayed on the mask using the AR function, a large icon will be displayed in the air so that it is easy for the player to understand. Very kind! (lol)

Although the collection elements are not as great as the activities, they are quite easy to understand. For example, Spiderbot emits a sound wave-like effect that spreads over a wide area, making it very easy to find!

The second reason is the comfort of movement that is unique to Spider-Man. With Spider-Man’s mobility, he can collect items in one go no matter where they are, making it very convenient to access collectibles.

What’s more, when you open the map, you can see the number of collectibles in that section and the number that you’ve currently collected, and since the total amount isn’t that large to begin with, it makes you feel like you should try your best to collect them.

Depending on the game, you have to solve puzzle-like mini-games, but it’s not that difficult, and I really enjoyed it because the action felt more like a break from the action.

By completing these activities and collecting collectible elements, you can obtain hero tokens and parts. These are the materials necessary to strengthen Spider-Man’s suit powers and gadgets, and can enhance basic abilities and enhance the effects of gadgets.

If you feel that the enemy is strong, you can patrol and collect materials to strengthen your suits and gadgets, making it easier to progress through the story.

What really touched me was that while playing one Spider-Man, when I went to the crime scene, the other Spider-Man was already fighting. This is good, isn’t it? I don’t think it will solve the activities on its own, but I was impressed with the way it was built, saying, “Even when I’m not playing, it’s protecting the city properly.”

Personally, my favorite element is the change in Spider-Man’s suit. This is an element that existed in previous games, but in this game there were over 30 types of suits.

And this is just Peter’s number. Including Miles’ suit, there are over 60 types! Moreover, there are an increasing number of suits that allow you to choose a color pattern, so it can be difficult just to choose your favorite suit. Even if I tried to change my suit every time I played, I would never be able to keep up.

The design of the suit worn by Spider-Man (not just all American comic heroes) changes greatly depending on the medium. There are a wide variety of suits, including the suit worn in “Marvel’s Spider-Man”, the suit worn in the movie, and the suit worn in the comics!

This game also has a photo mode, so you can enjoy taking screenshots of cool scenes in your favorite suits.

There are many actions that look great on camera, and even among the increasing number of games with photo modes available these days, taking screenshots is one of the most fun.

There aren’t any major changes from previous works, but that’s actually due to the high level of perfection of this series. If you like action games, you’ll definitely enjoy this work, so be sure to give it a try and experience its great feel for yourself!

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